Solid Surface Bathroom Solutions

We are one of the bathroom sink manufacturers for the solid surface that is becoming increasingly popular for bathroom construction and decoration. This surface is resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. We can be easily customized to create a seamless and modern look for every bathroom, with a selection of colors and finishes to choose from. Its durability and easy maintenance make it a practical and long-lasting solution for any bathroom project.

Enjoy Convenience Beyond Imagination

Easy to Install

Our solid surface bathroom solutions are not only durable and attractive, but they are also easy to install. The homogeneous material used allows for seamless jointing, making it possible to create a sleek finish without the need for grout lines. The installation process reduces the time and cost associated with traditional bathrooms, making our bathroom surface an ideal solution for anyone looking for a hassle-free and efficient upgrade to their bathroom.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike other materials, our solid surface bathroom sinks don’t require any special cleaning products or procedures, making them easy to maintain and keep looking like new. Its smooth surface also means that there are no cracks or seams for dirt and grime to collect, making it a hygienic choice for any bathroom. We provide an effortless and practical solution for those looking for a low-maintenance and long-lasting bathroom surface.

Easy to Repair

In the event of any damage or wear and tear, repairing our solid surface is a straightforward process. Its non-porous and homogeneous surface means that any scratches or scuffs can be easily sanded out, restoring the material to its original finish. This makes it a cost-effective and convenient solution, as repairs can be made quickly and easily without the need for any extensive renovations or replacements.

Solid Surface Solutions for Various Applications



Our solid surface’s skid-proof textured matte finish offers both comfort and safety for clients. Compared to smooth acrylic or fiberglass shower pans, our solid surface’s textured surface reduces the risk of slips and falls, making it an excellent choice for clients who value safety and convenience in their bathroom solutions.



Our solid surface is a waterproof solution for clients who want a durable and low-maintenance bathroom surface. Its nonporous nature ensures that water and moisture won’t seep into the material, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. This makes us solid surface a hygienic and long-lasting choice for any bathroom project.

Marble texture color


The load-bearing applications that are most suited for our corian countertop for bathroom durability include customers who will have confidence knowing that the color and texture of their reinforced solid surface will remain the same even after years of use, making it a solution for a long-lasting response to their requirements.

One-Stop Shopping Services Meeting Your Needs

Diversified Selection of Size and Shape

Our solid surface provides a wide variety of alternatives in terms of size and shape especially in solid surface bathroom countertops making it adaptable to the requirements of any design. It can be formed in curved or angular by using a method called thermoforming, which results in a finish that is seamless and elegant. We offer clients an almost infinite number of design options for their projects, while also retaining long-term durability and low maintenance requirements.

One-stop Procurement of All Bathroom Products

Our solid surface offers a one-stop solution for all bathroom products including corian bathroom sinks, vanities, bathtubs, and solid bathroom wall panels. By providing a complete range of products, clients can streamline their procurement process and ensure a cohesive design throughout the bathroom. Our clients are able to take use of our high-quality solid surface materials, which offer a variety of benefits, including durability, low maintenance requirements, and design flexibility.

Short Product Development Cycle

We offer a short product development cycle, allowing clients to bring their design ideas to life quickly and efficiently. With advanced manufacturing processes and skilled professionals, we can quickly produce custom designs with minimal lead time. This allows clients to meet project deadlines and stay ahead of the competition. Our materials offer a range of benefits such as durability, low maintenance, and customizability, further enhancing the value of the product development cycle.

Quality Control

We offer exceptional quality control measures, ensuring the stability of different batches for consistent and high-quality products. With strict testing and monitoring of raw materials, manufacturing processes, and finished products, we can guarantee that each batch meets the same high standards. This allows our clients to confidently specify our solid surface for showers for their projects, knowing that the material's quality will be consistent and reliable throughout the entire project.

Fast Lead Time

Fast lead time is a critical factor in today's fast-paced business environment. We understand the importance of delivering quality products in a timely manner. Our products are no exception. With our efficient production process, we can complete one 20' container in just 7 days for urgent orders. This allows us to provide our clients with reliable and high-quality products. Our fast lead time is just one of the many ways we benefit our clients.

Solid Surface for Showers

Custom Your Bathroom Surface


We take pride in our ability to manufacture bathroom products of any size and dimension. We understand that every bathroom is unique, which is why we offer optional sizes for drain holes and tub stopper turners in our bathtubs. Our staff is dedicated to providing the perfect fit for every project.


Customizing every bathroom surface allows for a variety of shapes to be created. From curved edges to intricate designs, our corian for bathrooms can be molded to fit any bathroom design. The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination.


We offer a wide range of options for color customization, with over 3000 colors to choose from. Additionally, our team has the technical expertise to produce dark bathroom products that require specialized techniques, ensuring that every bathroom has the perfect color and finish to suit your style.


We offer over 127 pattern options that can be mass-produced to customize bathroom surfaces. Our terrazzo-look products, in particular, are of the highest quality, setting us apart from other solid surface competitors. With our superior craftsmanship to detail, bathrooms will have a beautiful and unique patterned finish.

Greenology in KKR Bathroom Surface


Renewable materials and sustainable practices are at the forefront of our company ensuring eco-friendly bathroom corian countertops for every client.


We offer to clients odorless bathroom surface solutions for corian baths, prioritizing both sustainability and a pleasant, healthy user experience.


The non-toxic nature of our products is due to the company’s use of resins produced from plants and its avoidance of hazardous carcinogens.

Why KKR Solid Surface for Showers A Good Choice


We are committed to manufacturing high-quality corian bathroom countertops. Our strict quality control procedure consists of five inspections namely raw materials, mold, molding, grinding, and packaging. We make certain that each product meets our stringent durability, performance, and aesthetic standards.

After-Sales Service

We stand behind our products with a 10-year warranty period, which exceeds the standard 2-5 year warranty offered in the market. Our after-sales service team is available to address any questions or concerns and ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with their bathroom surface solution.

Production Capacity

As one of the bathroom wall panel suppliers, our production capacity is top-notch, with a vast selection of molds and 15+ layers of glass fiber resulting in large output capability. This allows us to meet demand quickly and efficiently, providing our clients with a smooth and hassle-free experience.


We consider that each client has distinct needs and preferences. Our range of customization options enables us to meet a wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and designs. With us, you can expect a truly personalized solid surface countertops bathroom that perfectly fits your space and style.

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