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With 23 years of experience in molding and thermoforming technologies, KKR, as a solid surface producer & fabricator, produces bath and kitchen collections, but not limited to.

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Offering One-StopSolid Surfacing SolutionBeyond Surface Level

With 20 years of experience in color matching, KKR spans a variety of markets from solid surface fabrication to full architectural casework, and aims to work with all the partners in the solid surface value chain.

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Designing the Future: Leading Solid Surface Manufacturer in USA

KKR is always on the quality side. We aim to offer durable, easy-to-maintain solid surface products like bathtubs, basins, and countertops. Our tailored designs and eco-friendly materials are ideal for hospitality, construction, and home interiors, guaranteeing both quality and sustainability.

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Find Your Perfect Product with KKR

As an experienced solid surface producer & fabricator with more than 600 pieces of molds for hundreds of designs and 200+ highly-skilled experts, we craft exquisite wash basins and sinks with attention to detail and quality.

A wide range of bathtubs and bath accessories provide you with one-stop solid surface solutions, including bathtub, shower pan, stone stool, wall shelf, and mirror, all for a luxurious experience.

With 200+ workers with solid surface fabrication expertise, we manufacture precise countertops and vanity tops used in the kitchen, bathroom, office, bar, restaurant, retail store, hospital, etc.

Made from top-grade resins, we offer versatile solid surface solutions with over 3000 colors and 127 patterns, including 100% pure and modified surface sheets that are used for various applications.

Custom Solid Surfaces, Perfectly Yours.


As a superior solid surface company, KKR offers unparalleled customization services, which include the fabrication of solid surface parts in different sizes to meet customers’ unique needs. Trust us to bring your vision to life with our expert manufacturing capabilities.

Having more than 3000 colors and a streamlined production process, it only takes 3-5 days to develop the colors customers want and then use them for mass production. The solid surface terrazzo color with big speckles and dark color bathroom wares produced by KKR, and the quality of our granular products are all beyond what other solid surface material manufacturers offer.

At KKR, our team of experienced solid surface manufacturers offers exceptional customization options. Choose from a range of patterns, including pure, classic, rainstorm, marble-look, and translucent, to bring customers’ unique concepts to life. Let us help you create a one-of-a-kind solid surface solution.


As one of the top solid surface companies, KKR excels in custom fabrication. Having professional workers with over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have a wide range of knowledge and the capability to create customized designs that suit customers’ needs.

From Draft to Craft

You imagine it; we create it.


At KKR Stone, we turn your sketches into beautiful, high-quality surfaces. With years of expertise and the best materials, we ensure every detail is perfect, bringing your vision to life in any space​​​​.

Solid Surface Solutions for Every Need

All our bathroom accessories, including bathtubs, washbasins, bathroom bases, stools, and wall panels are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Made from high-quality raw materials, these products offer durability, easy maintenance, and a luxurious look to beautify any bathroom.

Our kitchen countertops offer a blend of style and functionality. Manufactured with premium raw materials, our countertops are durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to stains and scratches. Being clean and without seams, they function to provide more aesthetics to the kitchen scenery.

KKR’s bar tables, desks, and coffee tables are designed to be practical, versatile, and add a touch of elegance to any space. Having several texture and color options, the furniture and furnishing are made in accordance with customers’ concepts.

Fabricating products with a seamless appearance is the key point that we do best. Utilizing our advanced manufacturing capabilities, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, our various solid surface products are produced to be functional, beautiful, and durable, making them the ideal choice for any commercial project.

Who Chooses KKR? You.

Distributors & Retailers

If you are a Distributor or Retailer, KKR Solid Surface guarantees product variety and pricing stability to help you satisfy customer demands without hassle. We ensure you receive comprehensive after-sales support and efficient supply chain management to enhance your market presence.


If you are a Contractor, KKR offers you tailored solutions and high-quality materials that maintain project integrity and streamline your supply needs. With professional planning and execution support, we help you deliver projects on time and within budget.

Architects & Designers

If you are an Architect or Designer, KKR supports your creative endeavors with customized solid surfaces that complement any design vision. We provide innovative options and sustainable materials, ensuring your projects stand out for their beauty and functionality.


If you are a Distributor or Retailer, KKR Solid Surface guarantees product variety and pricing stability to help you satisfy customer demands without hassle. We ensure you receive comprehensive after-sales support and efficient supply chain management to enhance your market presence.

Brand Owners

If you are a Brand Owner, KKR enhances your product offerings with unique and customizable designs that differentiate your brand in competitive markets. We support your need for innovation with high-quality materials and a long-term warranty.


If you are a Homeowner, KKR offers solid surfaces that are not only stylish but also durable and easy to maintain. Our solutions address common home maintenance issues, ensuring your investment remains timeless and functional.

All-Around Advantages to Satisfy Your Needs

KKR builds with full strengths custom solid surface products under one roof to better serve all types of clients.


One-stop service

· Free sample

· Quote as fast as within 1 day

· Lean manufacturing

· Full inspection

· Custom packaging

· Ten-year warranty

On-Time Delivery

· Sample order within 7 days

· Custom new mold products as fast as within 18 days

OEM & ODM Service

· MOQ is low as 30 pcs

· Highly-competitive price

· Turn your concept into a sketch within 24 hrs

· Free technical guidance

Only Best Materials Can Tell You Difference

The Finest Aluminium Powder

At KKR, we use the finest aluminum powder sourced from the industry-leading supplier, Chinacol. This ensures that our products have high purity, no black dots, no foggy look, high resistance to stains, and a silkier surface.

Top-Grade ISO Resin

We partner with Tianhe for the top-grade resin that’s ISO certified for making bathroom products. This resin offers better performance on toughness and weather fastness, which makes the bathroom products more stable and remain in shape, as well as strongly resistant to yellowing effects.

LR Pigment

Using high-quality LR pigment sourced from the UK, we make eco-friendly countertops, solid surface products, wash basins, and other solid surface sheets that are colorfast and pass SGS tests.

Precision in Every Detail


Implementing a strict baking process that lasts for 4 hours, toxicity and bad smell are eliminated. All effort is put towards ensuring that the solid surface part comes out with the desired shape and better color fastness.


All our products are sanded step by step from 80# to 120#, 240#, 400#, 600#, 800#, 1000#, 1200#, 1500#, and 2000# for glossy and shiny looking. This ensures that solid surface products have a delicate quality look and no color penetration.


Our professional and skilled technical team handles all molding products with full fixtures on all edges within 24 hours, especially for 1200mm+ basins. This ensures that the solid surface products comply with the geometry designs and shape desired.

Particles Formula

As one of the best big speckles manufacturers, we make the granular formula used in producing these big speckles to improve their quality. Using our technology, the particles are spread inside evenly, especially on the corner, edge, and bottom.

Seamless Adhesive

KKR possesses ten precision machines and equipment including but not limited to an infrared bridge cutting machine, water jet, CNC, and 45-degree cutting machine. All products have straight edges and there is no joint line. Particularly, the texture patterns are connected smoothly, making the whole product look more integrated.

When KKR Solid Surface Meets with Color & Pattern

Why Solid Surface


With the advanced manufacturing processes and our unending commitment to using top-quality materials, all KKR solid surface products are long-lasting, able to withstand heavy use and have a slow yellowing degradation rate. We offer a wide range of reliable options to create unique solutions to help solid surface distributors and brands meet market needs.


KKR is known for its expertise in providing easy-to-clean solid surfaces. Our self-developed production formula results in surfaces that are smooth and resistant to stains and bacteria. Thanks to the low maintenance need and easy-to-clean nature of our solid surfaces, the overall costs of ensuring a hygienic environment will be reduced.


The nonporous interior of our solid surfaces prevents moisture or air from entering the products, hence not allowing the creation of an environment for bacteria, stains, and odors to thrive. We provide sanitized bathroom and kitchen surfaces that guarantee safety and help build your brand.


KKR’s solid surfaces are designed to be repairable, reducing the cost of maintenance and ensuring a long lifespan. Thanks to using certified raw materials, and our own formula of advanced manufacturing processes, the cost of fixing faulty parts is minimized, which enhances customers’ satisfaction and leads to increased revenue.


Our solid surfaces are known for their high-temperature resistance, making them ideal for use in high-traffic and high-heat environments. This makes them able to withstand heavy use and applicable under severe conditions, which boosts the interest of end users and results in high return purchases.


Made with industry-approved raw materials that are capable of withstanding fire, KKR’s solid surfaces provide a safe and secure solution, promising users of premium functionality in unconducive conditions. Our fireproof solid surfaces provide peace of mind and added protection in high-risk environments.


Passing the CA65 tests for the composition of solid surfaces, all KKR products are designed with antibacterial properties, ensuring resistance to stains and chemicals. This reduces the risk of bacterial contamination, making the surfaces ideal for use in healthcare and food preparation environments.


KKR’s solid surfaces are designed with sustainability in mind, reducing their impact on the environment. Following our commitment to environmental sustainability, eco-friendly countertops, bathtubs, basins, and other solid surfaces are produced with non-toxic materials, which help to reduce carbon footprint.

More Than Sustainable Countertops with Solid Surface


KKR is a worldwide solid surface producer and fabricator committed to sustainability by delivering eco-friendly countertops, bathtubs, wash basins, sinks, vanity tops, and other solid surface sheets.

Low Emission

Our products are durable and made from renewable materials, with low emissions during production.


The company uses plant-derived resins and does not use toxic carcinogens in the manufacturing process, making the solid surfaces conducive to the environment.

Improving Industrial Process

At KKR, we continuously improve our industrial processes, recycling waste and substandard products in order to make a positive impact on the environment.

Common Questions, Quick Answers.

01 What warranty do you offer on solid surface products?

We offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all our solid surface products, covering manufacturing defects and ensuring long-term durability and satisfaction​​.

02 How should I maintain and clean solid surface products to ensure their longevity?

Solid surface products should be cleaned with mild, non-abrasive cleaners and soft cloths to avoid scratching the surface. Regular maintenance will keep the products looking new for years​​.

03 Are your solid surface products environmentally friendly?

Yes, our solid surface products are manufactured using eco-friendly processes and materials that are sustainable and safe for both residential and commercial environments​​.

04 Can I customize the design and dimensions of my solid surface products?

Absolutely, we specialize in customizing products to meet specific design requirements, including unique dimensions, shapes, and color schemes​​.

05 What should I do if I encounter an issue with a product?

Contact our customer service team immediately. We offer timely and professional after-sales support to resolve any issues swiftly​​.

06 What types of certifications do your solid surface products have?

Our solid surface products hold a variety of certifications demonstrating compliance with international standards, including CE, SGS, CUPC, CSA, and PROP65, ensuring reliability and safety for users across various markets​​.

07 How do you ensure the consistency of product quality and supply?

We maintain high-quality standards with rigorous quality control processes throughout production, and we have robust supply chain management to ensure consistent supply​​.

08 What support do you offer for small order quantities?

We support retailers with flexible minimum order quantities, allowing you to stock a diverse range of products without overcommitting financially​​.

09 Do you provide professional plans and drawings for custom projects?

Yes, we provide detailed plans and drawings to ensure that all specifications meet your project needs perfectly​​.

10 Can you handle one-stop purchasing for complete project needs?

Yes, we can manage one-stop purchasing across a wide range of products to streamline your project execution​​.

11 Do you provide necessary accessories for installation?

Yes, we supply all necessary accessories, including brackets, screws, drains, and faucets, to ensure seamless installation​​.

12 What are the minimum order quantities for wholesale purchases?

Minimum order quantities vary by product type. Please contact our sales team for detailed information based on your specific needs​​.

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Your ProfessionalSolid Surface Manufacturer

KKR Solid Surface, World-Class Surfacing Materials since 2000 for Bathroom & Other Spaces.

With a factory covering 15,000 square meters, Kingkonree(abbrev. KKR), offers a turnkey solution, from materials to finished products. The creativity and experience from countless projects, especially the hotel ones, have promoted KKR to become an expert in manufacturing solid surface sanitary wares. Far beyond this category, KKR can make whatever solid surface products you want due to its strong production capacity and excellent color-matching methods.

Recognized as the perfect service provider in the industry, and backed by over 200 employees, KKR delivers a complete surfacing solution from concept to reality.

As a China-based company building solid partnerships for over 20 years, KKR is committed to offering products of high quality and innovative design, which has resulted in wide recognition from clients in over 107 countries.

certifications of solid surface products
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All-Around Advantages to Satisfy Your Needs

KKR builds with full strengths custom solid surface products under one roof to better serve all types of clients.

  • One-stop service

    · Free sample

    · Quote as fast as within 1 day

    · Lean manufacturing

    · Full inspection

    · Custom packaging

    · Five-year warranty

  • On-Time Delivery

    · Sample order within 7 days

    · Custom new mold products as fast as within 18 days

  • OEM & ODM Service

    · MOQ is low as 30 pcs

    · Highly-competitive price

    · Turn your concept into a sketch within 24 hrs

    · Free technical guidance

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one stop solid surface service
  • Contractors
  • Architects & Designer
  • Fabricators
  • Brand Owners
  • Distributors& Retailers
  • Homeowner

Why Kingkonree

Conveys professionalism from concept to completion.

  • Quality

    • Premium-quality PMMA and natural minerals from branded vendors and independently-developed formulation
    • In-house customized molds and auto production lines under one roof
    • Production based on experience and skills & self-developed ultra-thermoforming technology
    • Complete quality control system, from raw material processing to the finished product packaging
    View KKR's Full Manufacturing   >>
  • Design

    • Top-of-the-line color matching technology performed by colorists with over ten years of experience
    • Tens of thousands of colors for reference recorded in KKR Design Library
    • Intricate shapes with close precision furnished by CNC machines
    • Delicate surface patterns filled by self-made grains at specific portions
    • The fulfillment of the customer-required concept polished by designers and software
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When KKR Solid Surface Meets With Colors & Patterns

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