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Wash Basin & Sink

With more than 300 washbasin and sink models, KKR as one of the leading acrylic wash basin manufacturers helps you find the fixture to complete clients’ interior space designs.

Certified by UPC and CUPC standards, the qualities of our custom sinks can help you attract different clients.

  • Above-Counter Basin
  • Wall-Hung Basin
  • Cabinet Basin
  • Freestanding Basin
  • Undermount Sink

            Make Your Sink Nonporous & Pure

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            Our self-made molds are used in creating KKR washbasins and sinks. The strengths of these molds make it possible to create the surface product without any small crevasses, preventing liquids and solids from entering.

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            In contrast to sinks from competitors, with our sinks, the basin is seamlessly integrated with the solid surface top without any distracting gaps thanks to the KKR solid surface glue.  Removing the gap helps your client avoid leakage or design flaws in their interior of the sink.

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            Supported by the lean manufacturing process, the rich and deep granular color of our solid surface bath products will barely be affected by any nasty spills, water sports activities, or molds.

            With little to no noise, KKR solid surface products retain their attractive look for a long time. Protecting the original color from stains can build customer confidence and profit margins.

            Customize Your Solid Surface Sink

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              Different colors, pattern, and finish available for each KKR custom washbasin and sink helps you find a fixture that complements clients’ renovation or construction projects.

              Your one-stop shop for bathroom and kitchen fixtures for any business needs or contractual projects.

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              With multiple molds made by the KKR team, we can create washbasins and sinks that can integrate seamlessly with the solid surfaces from our warehouse.

              By making the fixture and the top connect into a single piece, the basin blends with the interior design of the clients’ bathroom or kitchen.

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              Size (Length*Width*Depth)

              The dimension accuracy ensures that all custom products can be installed in your client’s interior space with ease and without any alterations required. Properly sized fixtures can increase client referrals to your business.

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              Sink Accessory Options

              Bathroom accessories include soap dispensers and drain stopper, while drying racks and overflow kits are available for kitchen areas. The accessories make the washbasin or sink more functional.

            Tell Us Your Needs

            Explore KKR Washbasin & Sink

            • Bathroom Washbasin

              KKR is not just selling products, we will be your comprehensive technical supporter.

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            • Kitchen Sink

              To make a prefect bathroom vanity, KKR uses top-grade raw materials, like the finest mineral powder from the No.1 Aluminum supplier (CHINALCO), Made-in-UK pigments and Iso-phathalic resin.

              The finished products passed the European test EN 13501 – Class B-S1, D0.

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            • Countertop Integrated With Basin

              KKR integrates the countertop with the basins made of different materials seamlessly based on customer-required design, be it in sizes, colors, shapes, and textures.

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            • Bathroom Washbasin

              KKR is not just selling products, we will be your comprehensive technical supporter.

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            • Bathroom 05
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            Why Make Sink in KKR

            Ability and quality speak for themselves.

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              Production Capacity

              3000+ Pcs Per Month

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              As low as 30 Pcs

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              Production Precesion In Length

              +/- 3mm

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              Bespoke Projects

              300+ Per Month

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