color palatte for solid surface products

Enjoy the New Aesthetics of KKR Solid Surface

Leading the way in aesthetics trends is KKR with its expansive design options. Daring and innovative, our new approach to aesthetics involves an emphasis on durability and formability for all of our solid surface products.

Using stones that reflect a wide array of colors, we offer designers and contractors choices between yellow/red, beige and black in different hues. Color variety yields different effects, with our lighter shades providing comfort and security for your guests.

The Most Versatile Selection of Colors for Bathroom Space

Timeless l Simple l Classic.

  • Design White1
    Design White
  • Classic White1
    Classic White
  • Pearl Grey
    Pearl Grey
  • Beige White
    Beige White
  • Chips 1665 Grey
    Chip 1665 Grey
  • Pure 1665 Grey
    Pure 1665 Grey
  • Chips Concrete
    Chip Concrete
  • Pure Concrete
    Pure Concrete
  • Black

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Ever-Growing Patterns, Unlimited Imagination

Rich color l flexible design l innovative creation

etb color
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  • Better Resistance to Yellowing

    Unlike solid surface products from our competitors, KKR’s products uses the best isophthalic resin as the ingredient to enhance the anti-yellowing ability, as the resin inside will produce yellowing under ultraviolet light.

    Additionally, the pigment, as yet another type of ingredient imported from the United Kingdom, enhances the performance of the KKR solid surface with respect to color stability. And the long-lasting color will delay the inevitable yellowing.

    colorists are mixing colors
  • Bring Life to Full Color

    Our expert team of colorists has the ability to prepare surfaces of any color, using a decade’s worth of experience to prepare products to suit your needs. With an extraordinary passion in our work, we have been able to create perfect color matches to fit customer needs.

    Our specialists are able to do superb color imitation work regardless of failures faced in the long process of honing our capabilities in order to match our products to your designs.

    colorists are testing colors

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