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  • Free Design
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  • Accessories
  • Customised Packaging
  • Free Technical Training Support
  • After-Sales Warranty
  • kkr service

    Professional Consultation

    KKR experts who have a wide understanding of the market and its products help you navigate through the challenges of your industry.

    By consulting us, you will get a full analysis of all kinds of solid surface products, as well as consistent replies to your questions, and even after-sales support that comes to you for free. We will be there for you from concept to completion.

  • kkr service

    Free Design

    KKR realizes your product specifications using its comprehensive expertise in product design and application visualization.Having provided innovative design for over a decade, and backed by 3D SolidWorks and 2D AutoCAD software, KKR has the capacity and knowledge to turn a concept into a high-quality sketch, thus making any type of specific surfacing application possible.

    Providing innovative design through a decade, KKR backed by 3D solidwork and 2D auto CAD softwares help customers turn concept into sketch, which pleases their needs in a specific surfacing application.

    With free designs for you to choose, you can save on costs before production.

  • solid surface samples in the box

    Free Sample

    Free models of all solid surface products with the design you need are available. KKR will gladly ship you a sample from our inventory and give you an opportunity to inspect our quality and plan out your designs.

    Normal Pattern:50x50x12mm & 100x100x12mm

    Texture Pattern:100x100x12mm

    Translucent Color:80x60x12mm & 100x100x12mm

    Specify the color and hues for your intended effect and our colorists will get to work.

  • kkr service

    Perfect Accessories

    Availing of our products gives you access to high-quality repair accessories from KKR, like the solid surface glues and sands.

    KKR produces a solid surface adhesive based on a self-developed formulation to guarantee that all your solid surface products are as well-maintained as the original one.

  • kkr service

    Customized Packaging

    When securing products for delivery, KKR uses customized packaging that fits all solid surface items of any size.

    KKR has a fully furnished packaging plant and is able to supply a variety of packaging materials, including high-quality carton, foam, wood pallet, among others.

    Before shipment, KKR solid surface product will get a customized wooden case that can accommodate goods of any form.

  • kkr service

    Free Technical Training Support

    KKR services never stop at maintenance. For solid surface fabricators, we offer free training in fabrication techniques when your solid surface sheet order is of considerable quantity.

    With over ten years of experience, KKR technicians are more than ready to deliver training support. Their instruction in tooling, fabrication and installation will allow you to realize your designing and manufacturing needs.

  • professional consultation

    After-Sales Warranty

    With a five-year warranty, all KKR solid surface products are durable and well-maintained for your best uses.

    Should you face any problems, our expert team and production capability will allow us to solve your concerns in the best way possible through professional consultation or item replacement.

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