KKR Solid Surface: An All-Purpose Solution


KKR has unparalleled expertise in making solid surface designs to meet the unique requirements of customers. Thanks to our thermoforming capability, we can make any shape imaginable, providing customers with an array of designs to choose from. This makes us the best option for projects that involve creating custom designs to reflect exceptional tastes and styles.


Our expertise extends to the patterns offered. Having more than 127 patterns, including classic, modern, and contemporary designs, we cater to the needs of customers. This extensive option ensures that customers can find the perfect pattern to match their ideas, as we provide endless possibilities for creating unique and striking solid surface designs.



Serving as the leader in color options, we offer an extensive color palette of over 3000 colors, making us provide solid surface designs that complement customers’ existing interior and outdoor designs, as well as create a unique color scheme for the project. With this, we provide unmatched flexibility in design, allowing for the selection of desired color matchups for each project.

Versatility and Durability

As a leading solid surface manufacturer, our products are produced to offer unmatched versatility and durability. Following their all-purpose designs that make them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, they are capable of withstanding extreme conditions, making them perfect for high-traffic areas like commercial buildings. With KKR, you can rest assured that your solid surface products will be long-lasting, making them a sound investment for any project.


Producing non-porous corian bathroom solid surfaces that offer unparalleled durability and versatility, which as well, prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, KKR corian bathrooms are a perfect hygienic solution with a sleek and modern look.

Implementing the perfect combination of beauty and functionality, we make corian kitchen solid surfaces that do not absorb moisture, stains, or odors, making them easy to clean and maintain. Their seamless design ensures that no dirt or bacteria is trapped in the joints, making them safe.

With the ability to form complex shapes that provide unique and striking designs that transform any space, KKR makes exquisite corian vanity designs that are perfect for making all kinds of furniture. Our furniture and furnishing solutions offer toughness and longevity, making them a great investment.

KKR solid surface solutions are the perfect choice for high-traffic commercial applications. Our products are resistant to scratches, stains, and impacts, making them ideal for busy areas, such as hotels, shopping malls, and airports. Having great versatility, durability, and hygienic properties, they are the go-to solution for commercial applications.

Why KKR Solid Surface Design

High Quality

Our solid surfaces are backed by a 10-year warranty and a rigorous quality control system, featuring 5 inspection procedures (raw material inspection, molds inspection, molding inspection, grinding inspection, and packaging inspection). With this, we ensure that our customers receive superior products that last longer and are reliable in all-around applications.

Fast Delivery Time

Having a specialized technical team that can carry out color modulation in accordance with customers’ demands in just 3-5 days, as well as the operation speed of our cutting-edge machinery, production is completed quickly and delivery is made immediately.

Large Output

Using molds that are pasted with 15+ layers of glass fiber with each of them producing 500 sets of solid surfaces, we double the total quantity manufactured by other manufacturers. With this, we handle bulk orders efficiently and ensure the stability of batch production.

Stable Prices

Thanks to our sufficient reserves of raw materials, prices remain stable regardless of the change in raw materials acquisition cost. Offering this benefit, customers are allowed to plan their budget with confidence, knowing that the prices won’t skyrocket.

A Huge Promotion of Your Brand Image

Main Originality

Having a professional team that makes excellent corian 3D design, and a 15000m² production factory that’s fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, we maintain originality and keen customers’ original designs, ensuring that they are satisfied and stand out amongst competitors.

Stay Ahead

With 23 years of experience, we’ve garnered solid information about the market to help our customers stay ahead of competitors. We also have an excellent R&D team that keeps us informed of trends, allowing us to provide the best solutions.

Realize Your Excellent Ideas

Having strong, unlimited customization capabilities, we work closely with our customers in visualizing their ideas and recommending better concepts when needed, in order to produce a level of quality solid surfaces that are second to none.

Custom Solid Surface for Your Needs

Having strong, unlimited customization capabilities, we work closely with our customers in visualizing their ideas and recommending better concepts when needed, in order to produce a level of quality solid surfaces that are second to none.


Review & Quote Design

Be prepared for your ideal concept about the solid surface product you want.

Check & Confirm Sketch

Review and confirm all specs (revised or not) and related pricing before sample making.

Test & Confirm Sample

Inspect and test the mold design and confirm all the specs before mass production.

Inspect & Confirm Order

Confirm sampling with the original piece you want.

Your Certified Solid Surface Supplier

With due diligence to industry regulations, KKR is unique to other acrylic solid surface suppliers as our products are manufactured in line with acceptable standards. We have a full set of SGS-authorized test reports, which includes stain-resistance, fireproof, high-temperature resistance, anti-fungal, toxic chemical testing, cadmium and lead detection, cold and hot water tests, color fastness, shock resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and dimensional stability.

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Aiming to reach different applications for any industry, KKR supplies a wide array of customizable solid surface products. Using our assortment of materials helps you match the expectations set by the market.

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Offering Seamless & Durable Solid Surface Products

Fabricating products with a seamless appearance is what KKR does better than its peers, whose products may have seams on the corner or joint. With the self-made molds and advanced machinery, we are able to manufacture a solid surface product perfectly, without any seams.

Helping out with our production of seamlessly-stitched solid surface products is our self-made solid surface glue. Our glue requires our technicians’ special techniques to ensure that the glue matches the color of the solid surface products that have been ordered.

Preventing any yellowing or loss of quality, our glue consistently maintains the same glossy surface your customers will see with every application of our products.

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