Aiming to reach different applications for any industry, KKR supplies a wide array of customizable solid surface products. Using our assortment of materials helps you match the expectations set by the market.

Offering Seamless & Durable Solid Surface Products

Fabricating products with a seamless appearance is what KKR does better than its peers, whose products may have seams on the corner or joint. With the self-made molds and advanced machinery, we are able to manufacture a solid surface product perfectly, without any seams.

Helping out with our production of seamlessly-stitched solid surface products is our self-made solid surface glue. Our glue requires our technicians’ special techniques to ensure that the glue matches the color of the solid surface products that have been ordered.

Preventing any yellowing or loss of quality, our glue consistently maintains the same glossy surface your customers will see with every application of our products.

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