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Bathtub & Other Bath Accessories

Perfect Grain Color

Light the spark of inspiration among your clients with KKR custom bath products that come with the perfect grain color through the polishing roughness of 80 grits. While others use 120 grits to make polishing easier, our team can achieve deeper colors with fewer grits though it extends the production time.

The attractive color of KKR solid surface shower products makes it easy for you to draw customers from targeted markets. You can also achieve the desired interior design for your contractual projects with the great look of our bathtubs and accessories.

Customize Your Solid Surface Bathtub

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    Size (Length*Width*Depth)

    KKR staff can produce bathtubs of any size and dimension, with optional sizes of the drain hole and the tub stopper turner.

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    Using our self-made molds, KKR bathtubs can be integrated seamlessly to solid surfaces. A variety of our tub models can fit both interior and outer design goals.

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    Bathtub Accessory Options

    Custom finished accessories, such as faucets and stools, can be included in KKR bathtubs. The different options add more value with our bath products that help drive brand awareness.

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    Various colors and finishes are available for each KKR custom bathtub and shower products. The custom items help you attract clients from targeted parts of the renovation industry.

Tell Us Your Needs

Explore KKR Solid Surface for Shower System

  • Bathtub

    More than 120 different KKR bathtub models available can be seamlessly integrated into solid surfaces. Using quality materials, our tubs are nonporous to mold growth. The diverse range of quality bathtubs helps you fulfill any business goals.

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  • Shower Pan

    A shower pan is a simple bathing space that adds nuance to the space’s style. The fixture can be customized to match the design choice of any client, which helps your business drive return purchases.

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  • Stone Stool

    Functional KKR stone stools provide a place for end-users to sit or a means of stepping out of the tub. The stools come in different shapes and designs that integrate seamlessly into our bathtub. Complementing the interior design while providing a functional space can build brand awareness.

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  • stone stool
  • Wall Shelf

    Sold surface wall shelf from KKR creates a space for different bathroom products while accentuating the interior design. The customizable shelves that come in different styles can help you bring in clients from targeted parts of the market.

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  • Mirror Vanity

    Create the right focal point for your clients’ interior design with KKR mirror vanity. The accessory can blend in with vanity tops to accentuate the bathroom’s style. With attractive mirror vanities and matching solid surfaces, you can raise your business’ referral rates.

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Why Make Bath Accessories in KKR

Ability and Quality tell.

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    Production Capacity

    600+ Pcs Per Month

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    As low as 5 Pcs

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    Production Precesion In Length

    +/- 3mm

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    Bespoke Projects

    200+ Per Month

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