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Solid Surface Sheet

KKR: A Trusted Solid Surface Sheet Factory

With 23 years of experience, we are a top solid surface manufacturer  and  one of the leading kitchen backsplash manufacturers. We pride ourselves on continually enhancing our production process to provide our clients with the best value for their investment. 


Our portfolio includes an array of offerings, such as sinks, corian sheets, and expert craftsmanship. For years, we have produced and designed these beautifully shaped pieces, ranging from interior corian sheets to corian sheets for sale.

We thoroughly enjoy collaborating with designers on custom sinks and corian slabs for any application.  We can construct sinks in any size or style, catering to the needs of our customers worldwide.

Top-grade Solid Surface Materials

The Finest Aluminium Powder

The Finest Aluminium Powder

Our aluminum powder is of the absolute highest quality, providing optimal results. Produced by the gargantuan manufacturer Chinacol, our aluminum powder is characterized by its extreme purity and lack of both black dots or a foggy look. Its surface resembles silk and it is known for its extraordinary stain-resistance performance.

Top-grade ISO Resin

Top-grade ISO Resin

Our resin is renowned for its superior quality and multitude of benefits. Tianhe’s ISO resin for bathroom products like terrazzo-look slab which can be utilized for yacht exteriors is tougher and weatherproof. It stabilizes products, slows yellowing, and prevents deformation.


Additionally, our resin is resistant to corrosion and moisture, providing extra protection and ensuring consistent performance.

LR Pigment

LR Pigment

We offer high-quality pigments to our customers because they possess excellent properties like brilliant shades, excellent light and weather fastness, and ease of dispersion. We use LR Pigment from the United Kingdom, which has a color fastness guarantee of 60+ according to SGS tests. These pigments offer better performance, solid surface colors, and stability which result in improved product quality. 

How KKR Excel at Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet

Our acrylic solid surface sheets are durable, versatile, and attractive. Kitchens, baths, and other high-traffic spaces benefit from their heat, scratch, and stain resistance. As we are one of the solid surface sheet factories that manufacture these products, consumers can customize their environment with their variety of colors and textures.

Various Patterns

Our strength in style lies in its expert design team, which has the ability to create 127+ unique pattern designs and optimize them for 2 years before mass production, ensuring exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal.

Colour Fastness

Our color fastness stems from the company’s dedication to selecting high-quality resins that are resistant to color fading, even after extended use and exposure to various environmental factors. Some colors we consider are silver gray corian, corian pearl gray, corian dove grey, and many other corian colors.

Natural Gloss

The strict sanding process we use ensures a smooth and even solid surface backsplash, allowing for a high level of light reflection, and these outcomes in a glossy finish that is both visually appealing and long-lasting.

Smooth Surface

Our smooth surface stability relies on its reasonable material formula ratio, which results in a homogeneous mixture that eliminates voids and uneven textures, producing a consistently smooth surface that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Why Choose Us from Countless Solid Surface Sheet Factories

Our outstanding capabilities include an expert design team to check on quality, after-sale services, production capacity, and customization.

For us, quality is of utmost importance, which is why we conduct five rigorous quality inspections throughout our manufacturing process, including raw materials, mold inspection, molding, grinding, and pre-packaging.

By doing so, we ensure that our clients receive high-quality products that meet their expectations and requirements, providing them with peace of mind and confidence in their purchases.

We stand behind the quality of our products and offer exceptional after-sale service to every client. We provide a 10-year warranty period for our products, which is significantly longer than the industry standard of 2-5 years. 

As of the most experienced corian sheet suppliers like corian sill, we give our clients confidence in the longevity and durability of our products, as well as inner peace knowing that we will support them throughout the lifespan of their purchases.

Production Capacity

Our production capacity is unparalleled in the industry, thanks to our large number of molds and advanced manufacturing techniques. Our molds are made up of 15+ layers of high-quality glass fiber, enabling us to produce large quantities of high-quality products efficiently and effectively. This allows us to meet the demands of our consumers with ease, ensuring timely delivery and satisfaction.


Our customizations give a tremendous amount of leeway, letting us satisfy the particular necessities of each client. We work intimately with our customers to comprehend their personal requirements and give them bespoke solutions and alternatives that meet their needs, accordingly creating a high level of patron satisfaction and fidelity.

Get Your Custom Solid Surface Slabs

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We have a thorough understanding of our client's various needs for solid surface slabs and are well-equipped to meet them in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our team of experienced professionals has a good grasp of all kinds of market trends, customer dynamics, and prevailing industry patterns, making them uniquely adept at addressing all kinds of customer requirements.


One of our major advantages is creating color solutions tailored to each of our clients, which involves precise design and production of a diverse range of colors, such as various corian solid surface colors. Additionally, we have extensive expertise in utilizing advanced color management systems to guarantee the delivered product precisely matches the desired color, including white solid surface.


Our professionals and experts offer custom solutions for our clients' dimensional challenges using top research resources, advanced analytics tools, and technology platforms. With diverse domain expertise, they deliver accurate and agile solutions to meet the needs of various customers.

Surface Roughness

We are committed to meeting clients' various needs regarding surface roughness. Providing a vast range of customized products with different levels of surface roughness, such as mirror polish, satin finish, and brush finish, to precisely meet the needs of its customers, resulting in high-quality products that meet the highest international standards.


Our team of experienced designers understand the importance of creating a logo that meets the specific needs of our clients. That's why we give extensive attention to every detail and custom-design logos with thoughtful consideration of the client's business and target audience. We also respect intellectual property guidelines, ensuring that the logo we create is unique to our client's brand. We work with a range of branding elements, including colors like corian pearl grey, corian elegant gray, corian white cloud, and other corian colors, fonts, and symbols, to help create a unique logo that truly represents our clients' brand.

OEM/ODM Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet Maker



We are known for our solid surface materials, providing high production capacity, speedy delivery, thorough product processing, and outer box packaging for their products, including solid surface white, to furniture brands and distributors. This benefit ensures that our clients receive top-quality, visually stunning surfaces that meet their specific needs, even for urgent orders and they can be delivered within 7 days.



Renowned for our solid surface materials including corian white, we offer an additional advantage to furniture brands and distributors through our professional design team. The team provides expert guidance to create bespoke goods and designs that meet the specific requirements and preferences of individual clients. This benefit ensures that our clients receive unique and visually stunning surfaces that are tailored to their exact needs.

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How KKR Solid Surface Power Up Your Business

Surface Finish

We specialize in high-quality solid surface materials, with up to 600 grids for a smooth, beautiful finish. This benefit ensures that clients receive beautiful, durable, and aesthetically pleasing surfaces that enhance their products and projects.

Size Accuracy

The ability to achieve precise size accuracy within +/-0.5mm results in perfectly joined slabs that are uniform and seamless. This benefit provides high-quality, visually appealing surfaces to our clients, enhancing the overall aesthetics of their products and projects.


Our solid surface materials, like corian natural gray and corian stratus white, are perfect and spotless due to our ability to maintain purity with less than 5 spots per meter. Our clients choose these two solid surface materials because they are durable and attractive.


We can make solid surface materials like corian silver grey with thicknesses up to 30mm, giving clients durable, heavy-use surfaces. This benefit ensures that the client's products and projects are long-lasting, making it a stable material that blends usefulness with style.


Boost Your Business With KKR Solid Surface!

Your Quality Solid Surface Sheet

From Start To Finish

material inspection

Qualified Material

Producing high-performing solid surface sheets starts with the right raw materials. The KKR team only sources the aluminum hydroxide powder, PMMA, curing agents, and other materials that we use from branded suppliers.

The material ensures the sheet we produce has a long service life.

solid surface production line

Customized Production Line

The KKR productive team shifts the manufacturing process to create bathroom or kitchen sheets that match your specifications.

The process minimizes wastage and streamlines the process to ensure the solid surface costs less in the market.

qualified technicians

Inspection by Qualified Technicians

Qualified technicians perform regular and thorough inspections of the KKR solid surface sheets. The staff makes sure the dimensions and design accurately match your specifications.

With our strict QC inspections, we help you complete contract projects and attract customers from targeted sections of the market.

Customise Your Solid Surface Sheet

  • Pattern icon


    KKR designers can incorporate natural streaks, splatters, and marble patterns into each of our solid surface sheets. Different solid surface sheet styles can attract the beach house, penthouse, and any home renovation clients to your business.

  •  Color icon


    Form pearl white to sandy grey, KKR solid surface sheets come in a large selection of colors. With a vast number of sheet colors to choose from, you can satisfy any client or project needs.

  • Dimension icon


    Apart from standard-size solid surface sheets, KKR can produce custom sheets with your specified dimension and measurement. The custom solid surface sheets help you complete any renovation projects.

  • Surface Roughness icon

    Surface Roughness

    Any solid surface sheets from KKR can have a smooth exterior or a rougher one that can add functionality to the top space for bathroom or kitchen use. With the degree of smoothness of KKR sheets, you can achieve various business goals.

  • Logo icon


    Your company logo and name can be printed each of KKR solid surface sheets. This customization option for our high performing bathroom and kitchen sheets can help you build brand awareness among your target customers.

Tell Us Your Needs

Why Make Solid Surface Sheet In KKR

Ability and Quality tell.

  • solid surface

    Close Precesion

    Within +/- 0.5mm

  • solid surface

    Suface Finish

    Up to 600 grids

  • solid surface


    Up to 30mm

  • solid surface


    Less than 5 Spots per meter

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