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Solid Surface Sheet

Your Quality Solid Surface Sheet

From Start To Finish

material inspection

Qualified Material

Producing high-performing solid surface sheets starts with the right raw materials. The KKR team only sources the aluminum hydroxide powder, PMMA, curing agents, and other materials that we use from branded suppliers.

The material ensures the sheet we produce has a long service life.

solid surface production line

Customized Production Line

The KKR productive team shifts the manufacturing process to create bathroom or kitchen sheets that match your specifications.

The process minimizes wastage and streamlines the process to ensure the solid surface costs less in the market.

qualified technicians

Inspection by Qualified Technicians

Qualified technicians perform regular and thorough inspections of the KKR solid surface sheets. The staff makes sure the dimensions and design accurately match your specifications.

With our strict QC inspections, we help you complete contract projects and attract customers from targeted sections of the market.

Customise Your Solid Surface Sheet

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    KKR designers can incorporate natural streaks, splatters, and marble patterns into each of our solid surface sheets. Different solid surface sheet styles can attract the beach house, penthouse, and any home renovation clients to your business.

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    Form pearl white to sandy grey, KKR solid surface sheets come in a large selection of colors. With a vast number of sheet colors to choose from, you can satisfy any client or project needs.

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    Apart from standard-size solid surface sheets, KKR can produce custom sheets with your specified dimension and measurement. The custom solid surface sheets help you complete any renovation projects.

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    Surface Roughness

    Any solid surface sheets from KKR can have a smooth exterior or a rougher one that can add functionality to the top space for bathroom or kitchen use. With the degree of smoothness of KKR sheets, you can achieve various business goals.

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    Your company logo and name can be printed each of KKR solid surface sheets. This customization option for our high performing bathroom and kitchen sheets can help you build brand awareness among your target customers.

Tell Us Your Needs

Why Make Solid Surface Sheet In KKR

Ability and Quality tell.

  • Close Precesion

    Within +/- 0.5mm

  • Suface Finish

    Up to 600 grids

  • Thickness

    Up to 30mm

  • Purity

    Less than 5 Spots per meter

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