A Perfect Material for Sufacing Solution

A Perfect Material for Sufacing Solution
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    SGS Test Report
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    CE Certificate
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    Adhesive Test Report
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    CA65 Test Report
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Excellent KKR Solid Surface

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    Seamlessly Constructed

    Utilizing reliable raw materials and our self-developed formula, KKR solid surface performs better than other similar products.

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    With the integrated surface finishing process integrated by material and technique, all KKR solid surfaces and other products have a slow yellowing degradation, are incredibly tough, durable, and able to meet any customers’ requirements.

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    The machinable KKR solid surface can be worked on with any power tools and shaped within 2 minutes. The machinable aspect of KKR solid surface products helps you satisfy any business needs.

  • Easy to Repair icon


    Repairing and maintaining any KKR solid surface is easy thanks to the certified raw materials used and our own formula. Minimizing the cost of fixing any of our products can increase the end-user satisfaction rates, which leads to high return purchases.

  • Chemical Resistant icon


    Passing the CA65 tests for the composition of solid surfaces shows all KKR solid surfaces are resilient against stains, chemicals, and bacteria. The test result ensures our product attractiveness lasts for a long time.

  • Nonporous icon


    The non-porous interior of the KKR solid surface prevents any moisture or air from entering the surface and creating an environment for bacteria to thrive. Providing a sanitized bathroom or kitchen surface can help build your brand.

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