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Custom Your Solid Surface Products

Convert Ideas to Practical Concepts

KKR offers free consultation and professional advice to help you turn your ideas into practical concepts. We provide you with a product catalog that includes several options like custom bathroom countertops, custom size vanity tops, custom made shower trays, custom size shower pans, and custom shower floor, as a reference to help make informed decisions from the options available, including the exact specifications desired.

Convert Concept to Sketch and Plans

Following your idea and concept, our design team will make detailed sketches and plans, including all the requirements in your concept, such as the size, shape, and color. This ensures that the end product meets your demands and eliminates the chances of any loopholes.

Convert Sketch to Products

Having cutting-edge machinery and highly-skilled fabricators, we develop new molds for production in-house, ensuring that the solid surfaces (custom solid surface countertops, custom bathroom counters, custom corian countertop, custom size vanity top, custom solid surface vanity tops with integral sink, etc.) are of high quality. Also, with this, the manufacturing speed is extremely fast as the molds can be used for large-volume production.

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    Review & Quote Design

    Be prepared for your ideal concept about the solid surface product you want.

    Check & Confirm Sketch

    Review and confirm all specs (revised or not) and related pricing before sample making.

    Test & Confirm Sample

    Inspect and test the mold design and confirm all the specs before mass production.

    Inspect & Confirm Order

    Confirm sampling with the original piece you want.

    Our Custom Options


    We have more than 3000 mature and mass-producible colors to choose from, providing you with various options to serve as a perfect match for your project, be it custom bathroom countertop, bespoke bath panel, custom shower tray, kitchen vanity top, etc.


    Having over 127 texture patterns for selection, our patterns are not only abundant but 80% of them are KKR exclusive and hard to copy, ensuring you get unique and distinguishable solid surfaces.


    KKR’s unmatched strength includes the creation of a variety of shapes, edge profiles, and surface textures. Choosing from the several options available, we help you bring your vision to life.

    A Gallery of KKR Customized Products

    Full-Cycle Manufacturing

    Fast Production Speed

    We have a professional technical team that modulates colors and develops new molds in just 3-5 days to meet customers’ demands, which enables timely delivery and satisfactory customer experience.

    Large Output

    Having a large production factory with molds that are pasted with 15+ layers of glass fiber, we produce 500 sets of solid surfaces, which is twice that of our peers. This enables us to complete bulk and urgent orders within a short time.

    Stable Quality

    With a production line automation that’s up to 90%, consistency is guaranteed with every batch of production, hence reducing the chances of error. This ensures quality with each custom solid surface countertop, including custom vanity countertops, bespoke baths, and custom shower trays manufactured.

    Stable Price

    Thanks to our adequate raw material reserves, we maintain a stable price for our products, providing customers with a reliable and predictable cost structure, which can be counted on to plan and budget effectively.

    Full-cycle Manufacturing

    Professional KKR Team at Your Service


    We have an excellent design team always on alert to communicate with you on your ideas and concepts, as well as share trends with you to better implement your ideas.

    Keep in Touch

    We offer both custom countertops online and offline services, as we remain in contact with you and provide a regular production schedule and weekly report, ensuring that you are abreast of production progress to make timely decisions.


    We are a trustworthy custom solid surface manufacturer that excels over others, including custom shower tray manufacturers. Offering a 10-year after-sales warranty to demonstrate quality production, we ensure you have peace of mind.


    We have a wealth of export experience, providing clients with shipping, document, and settlement services throughout the transaction process, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience from start to finish.

    Benefits of Custom Products

    Brand Owners

    Having an expert R&D team, KKR communicates new information and updates to brand owners, providing innovative designs to stand out and gain more market share. This builds your brand’s goodwill and increases revenue.

    Manufacturers of Related Products

    Making use of plant-derived resins for the bespoke shower trays, custom vanity tops, and bathroom countertops custom solid surfaces, KKR helps improve the production quality and competitiveness of manufacturers of related products with the supply of premium raw materials. With this, your manufacturing system becomes streamlined and better.

    Engineering Contractors

    As a leading manufacturer of solid surfaces, we supply engineers, builders, contractors, and design companies with one-stop customization of a complete set of products in a unified style. This saves you time and effort.

    Boost Your Business With KKR Solid Surface!

    Access Your Order Easily

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      Review & Quote Design

      Be prepared for your ideal concept about the solid surface product you want.

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      Check & Confirm Sketch

      Review and confirm all specs (revised or not) and related pricing before sample making.

    • 3
      Test & Confirm Sample

      Inspect and test the mold design and confirm all the specs before mass production.

    • 4
      Inspect & Confirm Order

      Confirm sampling with the original piece you want.

    Start Your Project
    • What If You Come With No Concept In Mind?

      KKR Offers.

      Bringing life to all your concepts is a challenge KKR has taken on. Inspiring your customers with our designs requires collaboration with you. Draw your ideas and our design team will translate them into whatever you need for the industry.

      Contact KKR for Inspiration   >>
      product catalog

      Frequently-Updated Catalogues

      By providing you with the latest models and designs, we help you keep up to date with the market’s demands. With our consultation, we can help you decide the type of products you will need for your application. Useful as references, our updated catalogues are a must-have for your industry.

      solid surface showroom of KKR


      The experience and the knowledge we have give us a great understanding of the current trends relevant to our industry partners. You can benefit from our expertise through our free consultation service and updated professional advice. We also provide you with after-sales inputs to help you advertise and bring to your audience the products to sell.

      KKR staff is taking about designs of solid surface products


      Features a series of solid surface products KKR has made for various applications. Choose from a selection of models that fit your preferences and needs. With our showroom, you will have more options and a greater understanding of our quality. Guaranteed consistency in quality is what our gallery of products speaks of.

    • What If You Come With No Sketch?

      KKR Offers.

      KKR encourages you to send us the design ideas for our team of experts to convert them into accessible products. Our years of experience help us in making the right design choices. Your inputs are valued in every production.

      Contact KKR for Draft   >>
      KKR staff is sketching customer's design


      Collaborating with you on ideas that shape your industry is our team of designers who have the experience and skill you need. Characterizing and modifying what you want, our design team is supported by the automatic SolidWorks software that identifies what you are looking for.

      KKR staff members are talking about the designs


      Giving advice on your solid surface products is KKR’s team of consultants that specialize in making your concepts into products. List down what you want in our product designs and we can make the designs manufacturable without delay.

      design review

      Design Review

      Analyzing every risk or flaw in our designs helps us keep up with the demands of the industries we work for. As such, we give you the freedom to do a design review after we send you our SolidWorks sketch. Once we get your input, we will make changes and proceed with the production.

    • What If You Come for Custom Products?

      KKR Offers.

      In the production of seamless solid surface products, KKR uses the latest equipment and a capable workforce to maintain high quality. With KKR, you will see how we thoroughly inspect our materials and ensure that we follow the precise formula.

      Contact KKR for Customization   >>
      molds workshop of solid surface bathtub

      Self-Made Mold

      Our industry experience has enabled us to prepare various models for any application and any type of market demand. With our capability to develop a self-made mold, we are able to prepare over 500 pieces of the sanitary ware molds at affordable rates and in any shape you need.

      worker is polishing the surface of solid surface sheet

      Customized Production Line

      Producing flawless solid surface products requires us to develop exclusive production techniques that can meet international standards. With seamless construction, KKR can provide you with the solid surface products of any shape at a lower cost to you.

      people is inspecting the surface of corian bathtub


      Fielding our team of technicians to take on multiple tasks has increased productivity significantly. With their expertise in product sampling and inspection, we can make all of our products at a fast rate while minimizing costs. Our team can also help in checking for defects whenever you have complaints.

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