Top Bathtub Shapes: Your Ultimate Guide


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Looking for a new bathtub? The bathtub’s shape is something you really need to think about. Today’s tubs come in all sorts of cool shapes to fit any bathroom look or personal taste. Here’s our guide to the most popular bath shapes you can buy.

Why Choosing the Right Bathtub Shape Matters

The bathroom is not just where you brush your teeth; it’s where you kick start your day and chill out. And the bathtub is the main event. The shape of that tub matters, big time. It’s not just about looking fancy (though who doesn’t want that?). Getting the right shape – from cool jacuzzis to chill whirlpools, or even just a standard tub – changes the game in terms of coziness, using space wisely, and the whole vibe of the place. Some might love a no-nonsense rectangular tub, while others go for a more ritzy oval or round option. What’s the secret? Pick a tub shape that vibes with your style and fits like a dream in your space.

bathtub shapes

Rectangular Bathtubs

Rectangular bathtubs are the most common shape for bathtubs. They are designed to fit comfortably in many bathrooms, big or small. Most rectangular bathtubs are made to hold one person, but some big ones can hold more. They come in many sizes, but a usual size might be about 60 inches long and 30 inches wide.

What are the Pros and Cons


  • No space is wasted when it fits snugly against walls.
  • A cost-effective choice for bathtub design.
  • Available in different sizes and styles.


  • Lack a luxurious feel while they are functional and classic.
  • It might be hard to clean corners.

Oval Bathtubs

Oval bathtubs are nearly designed as an egg. Many are around 65 inches long and 35 inches wide. Compared with rectangular bathtubs, they are rounder and softer, giving a more luxurious and relaxed feel to the bathroom. Most oval bathtubs are big enough for one person, but some can fit more.

What are the Pros and Cons


  • They have this smooth and curvy design that just oozes elegance.
  • A breeze to clean, thanks to their design.
  • Dive in deeper for a super chilled experience for bathers.


  • Carry a heftier price tag with the luxurious tub appeal.
  • Not the roomiest for a bath.

Corner Bathtubs

Corner tubs, with three or five sides, are made for saving space. Homeowners often put them in the corner of the bathroom. The size is different, but many are about 4 to 5 feet.

What are the Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for small bathrooms with increasing available space.
  • They’ve got this modern, unique flair.
  • You get some extra flooring space to dance around.


  • Installing them? A bit tricky, especially the plumbing bit.
  • Getting in and out can feel like a mini obstacle course.

Round Bathtubs

Round bathtubs are the new kids on the block, making your bathroom feel like a swanky spa. While their size varies, they’re generally more spacious than the old-school ones.

What are the Pros and Cons


  • Often associated with high-end spas and luxury resorts.
  • Consistent depth and width for a perfect soak.
  • They’re total eye-catchers.


  • They hog a lot of space, so maybe not for tiny bathrooms.
  • Luxe vibes often mean a fatter wallet needed.

Square Bathtubs

Think of a tub that’s a perfect square, each side identical, and as deep as the round ones. Some even have a circular interior for that snuggly feel, but with the practicality of a square exterior.

What are the Pros and Cons


  • Fits like a charm in freestanding spots or alcoves, giving you design options.
  • Come with small footprint.
  • Offer good depth, allowing for a comfortable soaking experience.


  • Might be hard to go in and out of the square bathtub.
  • Be careful of geometric design with more angles, which might require caution, especially in households with children.

Specialty Bathtub Shapes

So, we’re all familiar with your standard bathtub looks, right? But there’s more to the story. Dive a bit deeper and you’ll find some special types of bathtubs with different shapes, such as freestanding tub made to meet certain needs or just to give your bathroom that wow factor.

Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-in tubs are game-changers for safety and comfort. Think about our elderly loved ones or anyone who struggles with movement. These tubs are tall, around 40-44 inches, and pretty long at about 50-60 inches. That’s a lot of space to chill and unwind. But the best part? They’re super safe. With a width of 26-32 inches, they’re roomy but not tricky to enter or exit. Some even come with hydrotherapy functions. It’s like transforming an everyday bath into a spa retreat-a real treat for sore muscles.

Built-in vs. Freestanding Bathtubs

FeatureBuilt-in BathtubsFreestanding Bathtubs
PlacementAdjacent to wallsAnywhere in the bathroom
Size RangeCommonly 30-34 inches wide, 50-60 inches longVaries, but often wider and more spacious
InstallationRequires professional setup, often with a shower unitEasier, no wall integration needed
Target AudienceHomeowners looking for a practical solutionThose seeking a luxurious, design-centric look
AestheticMerged with the bathroom’s designActs as a centerpiece in the bathroom
CostGenerally less expensiveTypically pricier due to design and material

Material Considerations for Different Bathtub Shapes

What’s the material of your tub? Picking a bathtub isn’t just about how it looks. Think about its weight, lifespan, its ability to retain heat, and the overall mood it sets for your bath moments.

Solid Surface Bathtubs

If you’re after a durable bathtub, look no further than solid surface tubs. Imagine combining a blend of acrylic resin with natural stone dust. What do you get? A masterpiece that effortlessly endures everyday wear and tear, all while maintaining its pristine appearance. It’s not just built to last; it’s crafted to dazzle.

But it doesn’t stop at resilience. One of the standout features of Solid Surface tubs is their adaptability in design. Ever had a bathtub shape or style in your mind that you couldn’t find anywhere? That’s where Solid Surface comes into play. Its malleability allows it to morph into just about any design your heart desires. Crave the classic allure of the oval and rectangle shapes? You got it. Fancy something more abstract and artsy? Solid Surface is up for the challenge.

Plus, beyond the aesthetics, these tubs are a dream to maintain. They don’t stain easily and their non-porous nature means less chance for bacteria to hang out. Add to that the warmth and comfort they offer during baths, and you’ve got yourself not just a tub, but an experience.

To sum it up, with solid surface bathtubs, you’re not just investing in a functional piece for your bathroom. You’re elevating the entire bathing experience, marrying design, durability, and absolute luxury.

bathtub shapes

Fiberglass Bathtubs

Now, let’s chat about fiberglass, a popular choice as well. These tubs are sculpted from, you guessed it, fiberglass, then polished off with a gelcoat finish. What’s to love? They’re light, won’t break the bank, and are super easy to install. But heads up, they might not age gracefully; they can get scratched up and lose their luster with time.

Cast Iron Bathtubs

And then there’s the timeless cast iron. Crafted from molten iron, these bad boys are rock solid and are champs at keeping that bathwater cozy. Just two things to bear in mind: they weigh a ton and might be on the spendy side.

Porcelain Bathtubs

Last up, porcelain. It’s basically steel or iron wearing a glossy porcelain jacket. These tubs are all about that shine and durability. But keep an eye out – if you chip that glossy top layer, you might be dealing with rust. Design-wise, they’re kind of traditionalists, mostly sticking to the oval or rectangle.

Routine Care Guidelines for a Good Bathtub

  1. Keep It Clean: Get this: cleaning your tub often is the move. It’s not just about it shining— it’s about giving it a longer life and dodging those nasty marks and damages.
  2. Then A Quick Advice: Steer clear of those tough scrubbers or gritty cleaners. They can wreck surfaces, especially the delicate ones like porcelain or enamel, causing some real scratchy issues. A plush cloth or soft sponge? Way better.
  3. Choosing the Cleansers: Here’s the scoop on cleansers. Be smart about it. Word on the street is that natural buddies like baking soda and vinegar are ace for many tub types without any bad vibes. But, real talk, always peep at the manufacturer’s label or do a lil’ test run first.
  4. Check for Damage: To wrap things up, keep a sharp eye on things like chips or cracks. Being ahead of the curve and spotting these early totally wins, especially with those enamel or porcelain tubs that tend to chip on the sly.

By vibing with these four steps, your tub’s gonna look and work like a champ, no matter its vibe or what it’s rocking in materials.

KKR: Your Best Choice for Bathtub Shape Design

bathtub shapes

When you dream of the perfect bathtub, KKR tops the list. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Exceptional Technical Support: KKR’s got your back, no kidding. Need a hand with bathroom vibes? From getting that tub in place to making it shine, even months after the buy – KKR doesn’t ghost. Their tutorial videos are solid, covering the basics to the nitty-gritty cleaning tricks. And if you hit a snag? Their pros are just a ring away, keeping things smooth for you.
  • A Wealth of Choices: KKR knows everyone’s got their own flavor. They’re stacked with bathtub styles for days. Whether you’re vibing with sleek modern looks or some funky patterns, KKR’s game is strong. There’s a tub for every mood.
  • Premium Quality: Wondering what’s the buzz about KKR tubs? It’s their no-compromise attitude. Each tub is whipped up with care and attention to detail. The result? Bathtubs built to last. And here’s the kicker: KKR tubs are like a fortress against germs. Always clean, always safe. Zero nasty stuff. And check this out: compared to the rest, KKR tubs crushed it with a 95% better germ-fighting score. Now that’s some solid peace of mind.


Picking a tub is a big deal. It’s got to jive with your bathroom’s groove, feel cozy, and just fit. Be it the evergreen rectangle, the suave oval, or something edgier, there’s a tub out there with your name on it. Stick with a champ brand like KKR. That’s your ticket to keeping your soak zone on point for a long time.

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