Picture of Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Hi, I'm Allen Kyi. Excited to explore solid surface products knowldge with you.

Customer Case 08 | Custom Bathtub with Metal Legs


01 Business Type

If you are in one of these business types, this case is for you:

  • Mid to high-end hotel projects
  • Villa renovations
  • Luxury bed and breakfasts
  • Vintage and European-style home decor

02 Project Overview

Products: Custom Bathtub with Metal Legs
We received a sketch and design concept from our client and created an integrated 3D model to develop the finished product. The custom bathtub, named “Noble Bathtub,” features a unique design with a total length of 1.5 meters, left side metal clawfoot legs at 0.7 meters high, and right side metal clawfoot legs at 0.6 meters high.

03 Challenges

1. Custom Design and Stability:

  • Challenge: The client wanted a custom steel frame and clawfoot legs to support the heavy bathtub, which the clawfoot legs alone could not bear.
  • Solution: Designed the bathtub’s load-bearing structure with a steel frame to ensure stability. Collaborated closely with the client to finalize the steel frame design, ensuring the clawfoot legs were perfectly aligned and securely attached.

2. Precise Overflow Drain Requirements:

  • Challenge: The client required the overflow drain to be perfectly aligned with precise 90-degree edges and easy to clean.
  • Solution: Provided detailed requirements to the production team and iteratively refined the design until the client was satisfied.

3. Color and Finish:

  • Challenge: The client requested an interior white and exterior black bathtub with seamless curved edges, which was difficult to achieve due to the color separation.
  • Solution: Conducted multiple trials to perfect the production technique, achieving the desired finish that met the client’s expectations.

4. Height Specifications:

  • Challenge: The bathtub’s height had to be precise as specified by the client, which was challenging due to variations introduced by the steel frame adjustments.
  • Solution: Developed an adjustable steel frame to ensure the exact height requirements were met.

04 Solutions

1. Collaborative Design Development:

  • Created detailed drawings and a 3D model based on the client’s concept, ensuring all design elements were clearly defined and approved.

2. Advanced Fabrication Techniques:

  • Used precise CNC machining and advanced production techniques to achieve the seamless curved edges and custom color finish.

3. Comprehensive Client Support:

  • Provided extensive support and communication throughout the design and production process, including detailed documentation and installation guides.

05 Showcased Capabilities

  • Custom Fabrication: Demonstrated ability to create unique, high-end bathtubs with complex design requirements.
  • Technical Expertise: Showcased precision in integrating steel frames and clawfoot legs, achieving a stable and aesthetically pleasing final product.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Provided a full-service solution, considering all aspects from design to transportation, ensuring the client received a product that was both functional and easy to install.

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