The 10 Best Bathroom Sink Brands 2023


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The industry of bathroom sinks, traditionally viewed as a fundamental necessity, has transformed into a symbol of design sophistication, innovation, and market vitality. As of the year 2021, the global market value of bathroom sinks was estimated to be around $3.5 billion, with an anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% over the ensuing five years, according to data from Statista. This upward trajectory can be largely attributed to the flourishing construction and real estate sectors, particularly in burgeoning markets such as China and India. China, for example, has transitioned from being labeled the “world’s factory” to experiencing a substantial surge in domestic consumption, representing close to 30% of worldwide bathroom sink sales in the year 2021, based on a report by IBISWorld. Concurrently, in Western markets, there has been a notable shift towards eco-friendly sink options and designs that incorporate smart technology, opening up a plethora of possibilities for enterprises in pursuit of innovative and sustainable offerings.

The critical role of manufacturers in this sector cannot be overstated. They are at the forefront of ushering in an era of innovation and elevated quality standards. In the following sections, we will explore a comprehensive list of prominent brands that are leading the way in the bathroom sink industry, each offering a diverse types of sinks to cater to varying consumer needs.

Company NameLocationFounded Year
KingkonreeShenzhen, China2000
MoenNorth Olmsted, Ohio, USA1956
RohlChicago, Illinois, USA1983
GroheHemer, Germany1991
Gerber Plumbing FixturesWoodridge, IL1932
RonbowNorthern California, USA2002
LaufenLaufen near Basel in Switzerland1892
Victoria + AlbertNorth Charleston, South Carolina, USA1996
Elkay Manufacturing Co.Downers Grove, Illinois1920


bathroom sink brands

Location: Shenzhen, China

Founded Years: 2000

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Solid surface washbasins
  • Solid surface sinks
  • Hand wash sinks
  • Above-counter basins
  • Wall-hung basins
  • Cabinet basins
  • Freestanding sinks
  • Undermount sinks
  • Double sinks and single sinks
  • Various inches sinks

Kingkonree Profile:

Kingkonree is a recognized name in the bathroom sink industry, located in China. Boasting a massive 15,000 m² factory, the company prides itself on its capacity to produce over 15,000 products per month. With its products being appreciated in over 100 countries, it’s clear that Kingkonree has positioned itself as a global contender. We offer various styles of sinks to satisfy customers’ needs.

At its core, Kingkonree places a premium on quality. They stick to a rigorous standard for raw materials, ensuring no adulteration. Their combination of 60% aluminum powder and 40% resin ensures a product of the highest quality. Notably, the aluminum powder is sourced from China’s aluminum industry, ensuring a high-density product that does not bleed color or crack. Their commitment to quality is further evident in their decision to use unsaturated resin for their products, similar to the resin used on yacht exteriors, guaranteeing similar anti-corrosion performance. And proven solid surface material is also resistant to high temperatures.

However, it’s not just the materials that make Kingkonree stand out. They offer a 10-year warranty, surpassing many competitors who often provide 2 to 5 years. Their baking process, which involves heating at 120°C before stabilizing at 80°C, ensures stable color, evaporating odors, and a consistent shape. This process, although costly, underlines their commitment to delivering premium products.

In terms of customization and client servicing, Kingkonree shines. They guarantee a color customization period of merely 1 to 5 days, while many in the industry take up to 15 days. The company also prioritizes its customers’ confidentiality by having a separate mold workshop. Their mold production, impressively fast at 25 days, is almost half the time it takes for other competitors.

Summing up, Kingkonree is not just another manufacturer in the bathroom sink industry. It’s a symbol of commitment, quality, and customer-centricity. For businesses looking to associate with a reliable brand, Kingkonree offers an unparalleled proposition.


bathroom sink brands

Location: North Olmsted, Ohio, USA

Founded Years: 1956

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Drop in sinks
  • Vessel sinks
  • One-Bowl sinks
  • Undermount sinks

Moen Profile:

Moen, a distinguished American brand in the faucet and fixture industry, originates from North Olmsted, Ohio. Established by the innovative Alfred M. Moen in 1956, it now stands as a significant entity within the prestigious Fortune Brands Innovations corporation. With an impressive history of over 80 years, Moen has solidified its reputation for durability, excellence, and reliability.

What differentiates Moen? Their steadfast dedication to exemplary quality and craftsmanship. Their ethos revolves around standing by their products, a principle manifestly evident through the positive testimonials of myriad customers who’ve opted for Moen’s superior water solutions. The Moen team comprises not just manufacturers but visionaries, pioneers, and expert solution providers. Each product is a testament to their commitment, proficiency, and the elevated standards they maintain.

Furthermore, Moen’s dedication extends beyond mere product sales. They furnish an extensive array of customer support resources. Whether it’s instructional videos for seamless installation, a comprehensive FAQ section, or guidance on product finish care, Moen ensures their clients have all the requisite information. Their robust warranty support further accentuates their confidence in their product range.

For industry professionals and tradespeople, Moen has introduced the “Moen 101 Learning” platform. An invaluable repository of knowledge, it offers insights into product identification, innovation backgrounds, and core product platform specifics. Additionally, their dedicated literature center facilitates easy access to vital guides, brochures, and catalogs.


bathroom sink brands

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Founded Years: 1983

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Undermount sinks
  • Vessel sinks
  • Pedestal sinks

Rohl Profile:

Located at the prestigious Merchandise Mart in Chicago, Rohl epitomizes luxury and craftsmanship in the domain of bathroom fixtures. Since its inception in 1983, Rohl has unwaveringly dedicated itself to obtaining the most exquisite materials and designs from prominent global regions including Italy, England, and France. Their meticulously handcrafted sinks, embodying both luxury and innovation, have elevated numerous master bathrooms, guest spaces, and powder rooms to epitomes of elegance and solace.

Rohl’s ethos is characterized by an unyielding passion for exceptional craftsmanship. They perceive beyond mere materials, realizing the inherent potential within stone, clay, brass, and steel. Their meticulous processes—be it casting, glazing, or firing—culminate in fixtures resembling art. This commitment is palpably reflected in their selectively assembled collection of luxury brands, each narrating a distinctive saga of heritage, ingenuity, and aesthetics. Esteemed brands such as Riobel®, Perrin & Rowe®, Shaws®, Victoria + Albert®, and ROHL® itself, collectively contribute to this illustrious tale.

Exploring Rohl’s range, it becomes evident that their sinks are more than mere utilities; they are focal points. Each style, whether undermount, vessel, or pedestal, underscores Rohl’s dedication to supreme quality and enduring elegance, including timeless style. For example, Shaws, established in England in 1897, specializes in fireclay sinks meticulously crafted by seasoned artisans. Renowned for their resilience, these sinks are prevalent in historic English residences, attesting to their perennial charm and making them a perfect choice for small bathrooms.


bathroom sink brands

Location: Hemer, Germany

Founded Years: 1991

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Undermount sinks
  • Wall-hung sinks
  • Oval sinks
  • Rectangle sinks

Grohe Profile:

Grohe, synonymous with quality and innovation, is a leading name in bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. Originating from Germany, Grohe has established itself as a global brand, continuously offering products that epitomize luxury, function, and design.

The brand is dedicated to curating harmonious and serene bathroom spaces, as showcased in their carefully designed ceramic sinks and toilet collections. From the geometric precision of the Eurocube® range to the soft contours of the Essence collection, Grohe ensures each piece reflects meticulous craftsmanship, seamlessly fitting into any bathroom aesthetic. Paired with Grohe’s diverse faucet range, these collections further solidify the brand’s esteemed legacy.

Yet, Grohe’s prowess extends beyond design. The core tenets of technology, quality, design, and sustainability serve as the foundation of Grohe’s mission to provide “Pure Freude an Wasser” or “Pure Joy of Water”. The “Made in Germany” seal on their products affirms their dedication to quality and functionality. Advanced production engineering ensures that every item aligns with Grohe’s rigorous standards.

Throughout its history, Grohe’s commitment to innovation and superior design has garnered over 240 design and innovation accolades globally. More than awards, architects, designers, and developers consistently choose Grohe for prominent projects, affirming its reputation for excellence.

In 2014, Grohe integrated with LIXIL, a global leader in innovative water and housing solutions. This alliance has fortified Grohe’s market position, benefiting from LIXIL’s expansive resources and proficiency.

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

bathroom sink brands

Location: Woodridge, IL

Founded Years: 1932

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Pedestal sinks
  • Undermount sinks
  • Drop-in sinks
  • Wall-hung sinks

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Profile:

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures LLC, distinguished for its precision and reliability, has fortified its esteemed position in the plumbing sector over the decades. Rooted in a rich history and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Gerber Plumbing emerges as a top-tier choice for both residential clients and industry professionals.

At the heart of Gerber Plumbing’s commendations lies a steadfast focus on quality. Every bathroom fixture, from basins to taps, adorned with the Gerber Plumbing emblem, epitomizes the brand’s dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship and functionality. Tailored to suit both modern sensibilities and classic tastes, their offerings are thoughtfully crafted, centering on the specific requirements of the end user.

Furthermore, Gerber Plumbing’s commitment transcends mere product superiority. They place a premium on forging impactful connections, be it with homeowners granting them the honor of enhancing their abodes, or with professionals opting for Gerber Plumbing in their projects. This principle of building and sustaining relationships is intrinsic to their triumph, engendering a loyal network of supporters and partners.

Additionally, innovation remains pivotal for Gerber Plumbing. Continuously seeking advancements in technology and design, they ensure their products not only satisfy but surpass user expectations. This progressive vision positions Gerber Plumbing as an industry vanguard, pioneering standards for others to emulate.


bathroom sink brands

Location: Northern California, USA

Founded Years: 2002

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Cabinetry products
  • Bath sinks
  • Customized solutions

Ronbow Profile:

Located in the dynamic region of Northern California, Ronbow represents two decades of excellence and innovation in cabinetry craftsmanship. Distinguished by its approach to not merely producing items but curating experiences, Ronbow has established a distinct position in the sector.

Central to Ronbow’s philosophy is the principle of customer-centric design. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each individual’s style, they advocate for homes that mirror personal aesthetics. Hence, Ronbow provides an extensive range of customization, allowing every item to embody the homeowner’s distinctive touch. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their material choices, procured from premier European sources, guaranteeing both durability and sophistication.

Ronbow’s dedication extends beyond mere manufacturing. They emphasize the holistic journey, spanning from ideation to installation. With a proficient team in California, they guarantee a seamless process, offering a comprehensive customer experience that remains unmatched.

Innovation remains pivotal to Ronbow’s strategy. By integrating advanced technology, they achieve meticulousness in every aspect – from design to finishing touches. Their modern facility in Livermore, California, underlines their allegiance to technological progression within the sink and cabinetry realm. Such technological expertise, coupled with their sustainability initiatives, ensures that Ronbow’s offerings are as eco-friendly as they are aesthetically appealing.


bathroom sink brands

Location: Laufen near Basel in Switzerland

Founded Years: 1892

Target Market: Global

Primary Products:

  • Wall-hung washbasins
  • Countertop washbasins
  • Washbasin bowls
  • Freestanding washbasins
  • Undermount washbasins

Laufen Profile:

Laufen, a distinguished Swiss company, excels in crafting premium bathroom solutions. Their commitment extends beyond functionality, emphasizing sustainable design. From conceptualization to shipping, each process underscores eco-conscious practices.

However, Laufen’s mission transcends just eco-friendliness. They champion innovation with a vision focused on advancing a circular economy. Aligned with global initiatives, they actively support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As a member of the Roca Group, their collective ambition centers on elevating sustainability standards.

Their bathroom sinks exemplify the harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility. Laufen offers designs that are not only visually pleasing but also mindful of their environmental impact. Their initiatives, such as the Denmark project targeting plastic recycling from toilet cisterns, manifest their dedication to responsible business practices. With recognized achievements and partnerships with academic institutions and municipalities, Laufen is redefining the future of bathrooms, emphasizing intelligence, purity, and sustainability.

Victoria + Albert

bathroom sink brands

Location: North Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Founded Years: 1996

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Amalfi 55
  • Rossendale 122
  • Amiata 60
  • Barcelona 48
  • Cabrits 55
  • Drayton 40
  • Edge 45
  • ios 54

Victoria + Albert Profile:

Victoria + Albert has built their reputation around crafting stunning bathroom products, making them a top choice for interior designers. Their line of bathroom basins, including options for guest bath and master bath sinks, are especially noteworthy for their functionality and decor. What makes them stand out? Each basin is designed to not only be beautiful on its own but also to complement their exclusive range of baths. So, when paired, a Victoria + Albert bath and basin create a striking combo, enhancing the look and feel of any bathroom.

One of the remarkable features of their products is the unique material they use – QUARRYCAST™. Now, what’s that, you might wonder? It’s a special blend of what they call Volcanic Limestone™ and high-grade resins. This Volcanic Limestone™ isn’t just any ordinary rock. Formed under the extreme conditions of magma heat and pressure on soft limestone, it transforms into an ultra-strong white rock. Mixing it with quality resins, they’ve developed QUARRYCAST™, a top-tier stone composite that offers several benefits:

  1. Durable: It’s naturally white and glossy and won’t easily get stained by hair dyes or bath oils.
  2. Strong: Unlike regular materials, there’s no flex or creak. It’s solid!
  3. Warm: Ever touched a cold bath? They feel warm and keep your bath water toasty for a longer time.
  4. Easy to Clean: A quick wipe, and it shines like new.
  5. Lightweight: Despite its sturdiness, their average bath weighs just 72kg.
  6. Guaranteed: Peace of mind with a 25-year consumer and 8-year commercial guarantee.

They also offer customization! From a new matt finish to choosing from a vast range of 199 colours, you can truly make it your own. And for hotels or large residential projects, they even provide an anti-slip safety coating, ensuring a safe and elegant bathroom experience.

For those seeking elegance and reliability in their bathroom for a new bathroom sink, Victoria + Albert’s offerings are great choices and hard to surpass.


bathroom sink brands

Location: Dartford,Kent

Founded Years: 1998

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Basin accessories
  • Console sinks
  • Countertop basins
  • Pedestal basins
  • Undermount basins
  • Bathroom vanities

Crosswater Profile:

Crosswater London, deeply rooted in London’s core, has established itself as a prominent entity in the bathroom sector for over twenty years. Possessing a profound comprehension of bathroom aesthetics and function, the brand has ascended as Europe’s foremost purveyor of exceptional products. Their unwavering dedication to superior quality has not merely been observed—it has been lauded.

Their distinct amalgamation of continental European design combined with quintessential British flair is prominently showcased throughout their expansive product offerings. Ranging from basin essentials to elegant vanities, Crosswater London equips consumers with everything requisite to enhance their bathroom environment. However, their proficiency extends beyond design. They pledge that each product is subjected to rigorous quality scrutiny. Consequently, acquiring a Crosswater product equates to securing unparalleled excellence.

Discussing bathroom basins, Crosswater London elevates the standard. With an assortment that spans from atop-the-counter basins to undermount installation varieties devoid of faucet holes, they ensure that bathrooms exude contemporary sophistication and a modern look. Moreover, their commitment transcends the mere product dimension. They are esteemed for their unmatched customer service, adhering to a principle of “Exceeding Expectations.” Be it technical assistance or expedited deliveries, their profound basins, replete with a deep basin and an overflow drain, are testament to their commitment.

A visit to their central hub, Lake View House in London, is a journey of discovery. Upon entrance, visitors are enveloped by a captivating array of their avant-garde bathroom solutions. As an integral component of the Bathroom Brands Group, Crosswater’s entrepreneurial zest radiates, solidifying their position as Europe’s preeminent independent bathroom conglomerate.

To encapsulate, Crosswater London represents not merely a brand but an unequivocal assurance of quality, elegance, and peerless service.

Elkay Manufacturing Company

bathroom sink brands

Location: Downers Grove, Illinois

Founded Years: 1920

Target Market: Worldwide

Primary Products:

  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Quartz sinks
  • Fireclay sinks
  • Workstation sinks
  • Undermount sinks
  • Drop-in sinks
  • Farmhouse sinks
  • ADA-compliant sinks

Elkay Manufacturing Company Profile:

Founded in 1920 in Chicago, the Elkay Manufacturing Company commenced its distinguished trajectory under the insightful leadership of Leopold Katz and Louis Katz. They set forth with a lucid mandate: to craft superior sinks and to guarantee unmatched customer contentment.

Presently, Elkay stands as a hallmark for outstanding kitchen and bathroom sinks. Their comprehensive collection spans from resilient stainless steel models radiating luster, to chic quartz selections in a spectrum of shades. Their fireclay sinks gain accolades for endurance, while their immaculate white porcelain selections embody refinement. For those who seek both functionality and elegance, Elkay introduces its workstation sinks. Their varied offerings align seamlessly with every interior theme, encompassing the refined glass sink designs. Be it a preference for undermount, top-mount, or the timeless farmhouse style, Elkay pledges unparalleled excellence. In addition, their growth now includes an assortment of bathroom sinks, notably the perfect bathroom sink, perfectly crafted designs apt for stone countertops and lavatories. Notably, Elkay’s sinks come with finishes resistant to staining, making them a discerning and elegant choice for washrooms.

In the realm of commercial environments, Elkay has secured esteemed partnerships with entities like hospitals, educational institutions, and dining establishments. Their dedication to accessibility is evident in their ADA-compliant sink range, ensuring utility for everyone.

Their cutting-edge sink selection tool streamlines the decision-making journey. Transitioning from its modest roots in Chicago to its eminent global stature, Elkay persistently upholds its commitment: delivering top-tier sinks and unwavering customer satisfaction.


The bathroom sink sector, an integral segment of the comprehensive home interiors market, has experienced significant expansion over the past decade. Amidst the global surge in urbanization, there emerges an amplified demand for sophisticated and premium bathroom fittings, encompassing basins.

A notable transformation within the industry is the heightened inclination towards ecologically responsible and sustainable designs. Manufacturers are innovating by incorporating recycled materials and water-saving technologies, aligning with global sustainability goals. This evolution is of paramount significance for B2B entities, as establishments such as hotels, corporate spaces, and public facilities strive to meet environmental standards.

Due to their dedication to aesthetic elegance, enduring quality, and environmental stewardship, these 10 brands have carved a niche in the domain. Their products become focal points in many restrooms, proving indispensable in confined areas where optimizing counter, flooring, and storage space is crucial. Engage with these brands to cultivate a profitable and sustainable business partnership.

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