10 Best Bathroom Sink Manufacturers in the World


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In the ever-evolving world of kitchen & bathroom design, the bathroom sink stands as an iconic centerpiece, embodying both form and function. From the rustic charm of copper sinks to the sleek elegance of solid surface, stainless steel and vitreous china, choices in the market cater to every taste and decor style. Vessel sinks, with their countertop placement, have risen in popularity, especially in upscale powder rooms and modern bathroom designs. Pedestal sinks exude a classic aura, while the durability of granite composite and cast iron remains unmatched. As we dive deeper into this sector, we’ll spotlight some of the industry’s top manufacturers, shaping trends and elevating spaces across the globe.


bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

Years of Experience: 23

Main Market: Worldwide

Main Products:

  • Solid surface washbasins
  • Hand wash sinks
  • Above-counter basins
  • Wall-hung basins
  • Cabinet basins
  • Freestanding basins
  • Undermount sinks

About Kingkonree:

Kingkonree, often referred to as KKR, is more than just a brand—it represents a benchmark of excellence and innovation in the commercial sink industry. With over two decades of history, KKR offers a diverse product portfolio, from solid surface sinks to meticulously crafted bathroom vanities, addressing a wide spectrum of needs.

KKR offers a wide variety of products that not only showcase diversity but also meet exceptional quality standards. Each product reflects KKR’s unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship, evident in the immaculate finishes achieved through meticulous sanding processes and the uniform textures they maintain. Their utilization of high-grade resins guarantees the sustained beauty and effectiveness of their products.

Central to KKR’s ethos is the principle of collaboration. Their in-house design experts, consistently updated with the latest design paradigms, work synergistically with external specialists to craft tailored solutions for each requirement. Their expertise in providing both OEM and ODM services underscores their adaptability and dedication to client fulfillment. Whether engaging with furniture enterprises or coordinating with distributors from inception to finalization, KKR maintains an unwavering emphasis on quality and timeliness.

Being ISO 9001 certified, KKR continuously surpasses international benchmarks, making them a top choice in sectors such as hospitality and retail design. Their esteemed reputation is further elevated by recognition from the hospitality sector, particularly for adhering to hygiene standards. Ultimately, Kingkonree is more than just a brand—it signifies a promise of quality, forward-thinking innovation, and enduring collaborations.

Kohler Co.

bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Wisconsin, USA

Years of Experience: Over 150 years

Main Market: Global

Main Products:

  • Pedestal sinks
  • Undermount sinks
  • Top-mount sinks
  • Vessel sinks
  • Wall-mount sinks

About Kohler:

Kohler Co. epitomizes the fusion of tradition, innovation, and luxury in bathroom fixtures. Established over a century ago in Kohler, Wisconsin, the brand has persistently set industry benchmarks in bathroom and kitchen aesthetics, gaining global recognition.

Kohler’s sinks manifest their unwavering dedication to quality. From the classic allure of their pedestal sinks evoking timeless elegance to the contemporary finesse of their undermount sinks that merge flawlessly with countertops, they cater to diverse preferences. However, Kohler’s distinction lies beyond mere design; it’s in the craftsmanship. Every sink isn’t just an aesthetic achievement but also a pinnacle of functionality, designed for enduring daily demands, guaranteeing homeowners a harmonious blend of style and resilience.

At its core, innovation drives Kohler’s vision. Beyond just manufacturing sinks, they are committed to elevating the user experience. Innovations such as noise-reducing basins and scratch-resistant surfaces exemplify their progressive mindset. They intuitively address the requirements of today’s homeowners, providing solutions that streamline and enhance daily tasks.

What genuinely distinguishes Kohler Co., though, is its storied legacy. While they have navigated through changing design currents over decades, their foundational principles of quality, luxury, and innovation have been unwavering. This amalgamation of deep-rooted experience and agility ensures that they not only meet but frequently surpass the dynamic needs of the market.

In summary, Kohler Co. transcends mere fixtures; they curate experiences. Each sink they fashion embodies a commitment – an assurance of unparalleled quality, enduring design, and trailblazing innovation.


bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: New York, USA

Years of Experience: 14

Main Market: USA and worldwide

Main Products:

  • Matte stone vessel sinks
  • Tempered glass sinks
  • Concrete stone sinks
  • Bathroom vessel sinks

About VIGO:

Located in the dynamic heart of New York City, VIGO stands as a distinguished icon of contemporary design within the kitchen and bath fixture industry. For over ten years, the brand has pursued a singular vision: enhancing daily life. Their method? Designing products that seamlessly meld functionality with visual appeal.

The collections from VIGO underscore their unwavering dedication to design excellence. Each item, whether it’s their top-tier faucets, robust sinks, or refreshing showers, embodies a modern aesthetic that balances style with practicality. But VIGO goes beyond mere aesthetics; they curate experiences. Envision immersing yourself in a shower framed by VIGO’s sophisticated screens, or using a faucet that operates as seamlessly as it looks. This encapsulates the VIGO journey.

Yet, VIGO’s focus isn’t limited to the present; they’re poised for the future. Their commitment to innovation shines through the meticulous testing of each product, assuring that customers receive items that are not just in vogue but also of the highest quality. Boasting certifications from renowned bodies like ANSI, IAPMO, and UPC, VIGO products not only adhere to industry benchmarks but frequently define them.

What truly differentiates VIGO is their design philosophy. They are steadfast in the belief that every kitchen and bath, irrespective of dimensions or decor, merits excellence. With VIGO, this excellence is guaranteed – a harmonious fusion of New York City’s pulsating energy, avant-garde design, and unparalleled quality.

Kraus USA

bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Washington, USA

Years of Experience: 16

Main Market: USA and worldwide

Main Products:

  • Ceramic sinks
  • Solid surface sinks
  • Glass sinks
  • Undermount sinks
  • Vessel sinks

About Kraus USA:

Located in the central district of Port Washington, New York, Kraus has stood as a hallmark of innovative design since 2007. With an ambition to redefine the kitchen and bath sector, Kraus consistently offers products that are not only in line with contemporary aesthetics but also emphasize functionality and longevity.

Exploring their product lineup reveals a diverse selection of sinks tailored to various design tastes. Whether you appreciate the timeless appeal of ceramic sinks, the modern sophistication of solid surface basins, or the distinct beauty of glass sinks, Kraus presents a fitting option. Beyond aesthetics, Kraus’s sinks prioritize user experience. From the streamlined undermount sinks that meld seamlessly with countertops to the striking vessel sinks that enhance bathroom visuals, each product harmoniously merges style with utility.

Central to Kraus’s ethos are three fundamental principles: Quality, Creativity, and Design. They champion the idea that thoughtful design can elevate daily spaces, transforming them into zones of relaxation and revival. Their continuous drive for innovation, coupled with a focus on affordability, ensures that every product embodies their slogan: “Live Beautifully™.”


bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Oberderdingen, Germany

Years of Experience: Over 98

Main Market: Worldwide

Main Products:

  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Silgranit sinks
  • Ceramic sinks

About Blanco:

Within the domain of kitchen and bath fixtures, Blanco is distinguished not only by its product assortment but also by its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. Among their diverse sink offerings, spanning ceramic to stainless steel, are their SILGRANIT sinks that are truly distinctive. So, what sets SILGRANIT apart?

SILGRANIT is a premium granite composite designed with contemporary homeowners in mind. Beyond its visually appealing matte finish and refined appearance, it champions both functionality and durability. These sinks are built to last, ensuring a lasting return on your investment. Their non-porous nature renders them hygienic and effortless to maintain. From spills and stains to scratches, SILGRANIT stands resilient, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of aesthetics and endurance.

However, Blanco’s dedication extends beyond pioneering materials. Recognizing that a sink is more than a mere functional unit, they view it as a pivotal component of your home’s design ethos. Whether your preference leans towards a sleek modern aesthetic or a classic touch, Blanco offers a sink that flawlessly aligns with your design vision.

Villeroy & Boch

bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Mettlach, Germany

Years of Experience: 275

Main Market: Worldwide

Main Sink Products:

  • Drop-in sinks
  • Undermount sinks
  • Vanity sinks
  • Vessel sinks
  • Wall-mounted sinks
  • Double sinks
  • Small bathroom sinks

About Villeroy & Boch:

Established in 1748, Villeroy & Boch epitomizes enduring dedication to quality craftsmanship and forward-thinking design. Centrally located in Europe, this brand has consistently led the realm of ceramic excellence, setting new standards in design and utility.

Within their extensive collection, you will discover a diverse array of sink designs tailored to cater to distinct tastes and requirements. From the flawless integration of their drop-in sinks, the refined elegance of their vessel sinks, to the utility of their vanity sinks, Villeroy & Boch strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Their TitanCeram sinks, defined by meticulous craftsmanship and slender walls, underscore the brand’s devotion to pioneering ceramic artistry.

Furthermore, Villeroy & Boch’s spirit of innovation extends beyond mere aesthetics. They have incorporated cutting-edge technologies such as CeramicPlus, facilitating effortless cleaning as liquids effortlessly roll off the sink. Moreover, with a focus on health, their AntiBac technology delivers antimicrobial protection, promoting a hygienic bathroom ambiance.

In essence, Villeroy & Boch isn’t merely a brand but a storied legacy. It symbolizes a tradition of quality, design, and an unwavering commitment to elevating home interiors. Their sinks serve not merely as fixtures but as testamentary pieces, reflecting a storied past while embracing the future of design.

Elkay Manufacturing Company

bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Downers Grove, Illinois

Years of Experience: 103

Main Market: Worldwide

Main Sink Products:

  • Stainless steel sinks
  • Quartz sinks
  • Fireclay sinks
  • Workstation sinks
  • Undermount sinks
  • Drop-in sinks
  • Farmhouse sinks
  • ADA-compliant sinks

About Elkay Manufacturing Company:

Established in 1920 by Leopold Katz and Louis Katz in Chicago, Elkay Manufacturing Company set forth with a clear objective: to deliver superior-quality sinks and provide exceptional service. Today, they are recognized as America’s premier kitchen sink manufacturer, having diversified their product line to include an extensive range of kitchen and bathroom plumbing systems, commercial sinks, and water delivery systems.

Elkay’s diverse product lineup underscores their dedication to innovation and excellence. Their workstation sinks, crafted from materials such as stainless steel, fireclay, and quartz, are structured to elevate kitchen efficiency, promoting a streamlined and organized workspace. Elkay ensures there’s a sink suitable for every taste, be it the resilient nature and adaptable aesthetic of stainless steel, the lively hues of quartz, or the wear-resistant finish of fireclay.

Elkay’s prowess extends beyond residential offerings. They have established a distinguished presence in the domain of commercial-grade stainless steel sinks, serving industries like healthcare, education, and foodservice. Their ADA-compliant offerings further reflect their commitment to inclusivity, making certain that facilities cater to all individuals.

Central to Elkay’s impressive journey is their steadfast dedication to customer contentment. Their sink selection tool, curated to aid customers in identifying the ideal sink, exemplifies their client-focused approach. From their modest inception in Chicago to their present stature as sector front-runners, Elkay consistently upholds its legacy, extending quality and novelty with each contented customer.


bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Schiltach, Germany

Years of Experience: 122

Main Market: Worldwide

Main Products:

  • Stainless steel sinks
  • SilicaTec granite sinks
  • Single sinks
  • Double sinks

About Hansgrohe:

Hansgrohe sinks transcend mere functionality. They epitomize the brand’s commitment to marrying aesthetic elegance with practicality. Their minimalist rectangular silhouette, accentuated by a distinctive L-shaped rim, integrates gracefully into contemporary kitchens or bathrooms, serving as a central design feature.

For any setting, from individualized compact spaces to expansive family kitchen islands, Hansgrohe presents a curated selection of sink sizes and styles to address every requirement. The portfolio ranges from sleek single sinks designed for constrained spaces to dual sinks that facilitate efficient multitasking.

Material selection further underscores Hansgrohe’s unwavering dedication to excellence. Their stainless steel sinks radiate enduring sophistication, while their SilicaTec granite variants introduce an essence of organic grace, available in hues to harmonize with all interior palettes.

Beyond aesthetics, durability is paramount. Their stainless steel models, crafted from premium hand-welded steel, guarantee prolonged use and effortless maintenance. In contrast, their granite sinks, fortified with sturdy quartz particles, ensure a resilient surface.

Conclusively, Hansgrohe assures the impeccable pairing of taps with their sinks, achieving design cohesion without any sacrifice in quality.


bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona

Years of Experience: 22

Main Market: Worldwide

Main Products: Copper, Cast Bronze, Smooth & Hammered Metals, Concrete, Glass, Mother of Pearl Inlay, Jeweled, and Mosaic Tile Sinks.

About Linkasink:

Linkasink stands as a beacon of artistic excellence, craftsmanship, and innovative design. Catering to both modern and classic aesthetics, it has established a distinct presence in the realm of kitchen and bath design. Whether you appreciate the historical essence or the modern sophistication of stainless steel tile mosaics, Linkasink promises elegance in every creation.

Its dedication to handcrafted precision distinguishes the brand. Each sink is a testament to the skills of artisans, who employ time-honored methods to breathe life into every design. This rigorous precision ensures that every Linkasink product transcends functionality, becoming a piece of art.

Linkasink’s genesis traces back to the vision of esteemed interior designer, Kirk Guthrie. His pursuit of bespoke copper sinks, unmet by the market, led him to partner with copper craftsmen in Mexico. This collaboration birthed unparalleled, custom-made sinks that swiftly garnered industry attention. Transitioning from a modest showcase at the Kitchen & Bath Show to an industry stalwart, Linkasink’s trajectory underscores its commitment to innovation, zeal, and the art of handcrafted design.

Stone Forest

bathroom sink manufacturers

Headquarters: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Years of Experience: 32

Main Market: Worldwide

Main Products:

  • Vessel sinks
  • Pedestal sinks
  • Copper sinks
  • Bronze sinks
  • Stainless sinks

About Stone Forest:

Stone Forest stands as more than a brand—it represents a harmonious fusion of nature’s pristine beauty and human innovation. Grounded in a deep appreciation for natural elements and an astute sense of design, Stone Forest has consistently led in creating sinks and fixtures that balance artistry with functionality.

Each creation by Stone Forest narrates the tale of its origin, detailing the journey of a raw stone meticulously refined into an opulent fixture. The brand’s unwavering dedication to preserving the authentic allure of these materials guarantees that every product boasts its distinct texture, character, and charisma.

Beyond mere visual appeal, Stone Forest underscores its dedication to sink excellence and longevity. By leveraging the inherent robustness of natural elements, the brand ensures its sinks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enduring, presenting unmatched value to its clientele.

Stone Forest’s legacy is rooted in its relentless pursuit of innovation and superior quality. From sourcing the most exquisite stones to engaging skilled artisans who mold these elements with unmatched precision, Stone Forest has continually set new standards in luxury kitchen and bath design.

What Defines a Good Bathroom Sink Manufacturer?

A premier bathroom sink manufacturer is characterized by meticulous standards that underscore quality, utility, and client fulfillment. Essential factors to evaluate include:

  • Material Excellence: Esteemed manufacturers employ superior-grade materials, ranging from porcelain, stainless steel, to stone, ensuring the sink’s longevity and resilience against daily wear. The caliber of these materials directly influences the sink’s durability and its ability to resist evident signs of deterioration.
  • Design Diversity: Leading manufacturers present an extensive array of designs, addressing diverse aesthetic preferences and bathroom motifs. The assortment spans from modern to classic, facilitating customers in selecting a design that resonates with their individual taste and bathroom decor.
  • Advanced Features: Features such as effortless cleaning surfaces, integrated drainage systems, and water-conservation technologies augment the user experience and reflect the manufacturer’s dedication to addressing current-day requisites.
  • Sustainable Practices: In the current era, with heightened environmental awareness, consumers gravitate towards sustainably-produced items. A distinguished bathroom sink manufacturer often embeds eco-friendly measures throughout their operations, from raw material procurement to manufacturing processes, and may also champion water-saving products.
  • Client Support: The significance of post-purchase service, comprehensive warranties, and agile customer assistance cannot be overstated. Manufacturers that uphold their offerings and efficiently resolve client inquiries are inherently deemed more credible and dependable.
  • Industry Credibility: A manufacturer’s enduring presence in the industry, accentuated by positive consumer feedback and accolades, differentiates them from others. Such recognition indicates their consistent fulfillment of commitments and industry-wide acknowledgment for their superior standards.

To encapsulate, a top-tier bathroom sink manufacturer isn’t solely defined by product quality. They accentuate client satisfaction, evince dedication to innovation and eco-friendly practices, and maintain an esteemed market reputation. Such manufacturers don’t merely vend sinks but proffer holistic solutions that amplify the overall bathroom ambiance for end-users. They remain attuned to market shifts, stay abreast of prevailing design inclinations, and prioritize delivering sinks that amalgamate functionality with aesthetic allure.


Here is a summarized comparison table:

ManufacturerHeadquartersYears of ExperienceMain ProductsAdvantages
Kingkonree (KKR)Shenzhen, China23Solid surface washbasins, hand wash sinks, above-counter basins, etc.Extensive product range, superior craftsmanship, flexibility in design
Kohler Co.Wisconsin, USAOver 150 yearsPedestal sinks, undermount sinks, top-mount sinks, etc.Blend of tradition and innovation, durability, forward-thinking approach
VIGONew York, USA14Matte stone vessel sinks, Tempered glass sinks, Concrete stone sinks, etc.Modern design, top-tier quality, rigorous testing
Kraus USAWashington, USA16Ceramic sinks, solid surface sinks, glass sinks, etc.Innovation, design excellence, commitment to quality
BlancoOberderdingen, GermanyOver 98Stainless steel sinks, Silgranit sinks, Ceramic sinksInnovative materials, design flexibility, commitment to quality
Villeroy & BochMettlach, Germany275Drop-in sinks, undermount sinks, vanity sinks, etc.Timeless allure, innovative design, commitment to enhancing user experience
Elkay Manufacturing CompanyDowners Grove, Illinois103Stainless steel sinks, Quartz sinks, Fireclay sinks, etc.Top kitchen sink manufacturer in America, commitment to customer satisfaction
HansgroheSchiltach, Germany122Stainless steel sinks, SilicaTec granite sinks, Single sinks, etc.Minimalist design, commitment to innovation, quality craftsmanship
LinkasinkPhoenix, Arizona22Copper, Cast Bronze, Smooth & Hammered Metals, etc.Handcrafted quality, unique designs, commitment to innovation
Stone ForestSanta Fe, New Mexico32Vessel sinks, Pedestal sinks, Copper sinks, etc.Harnessing nature’s beauty, commitment to quality and durability, innovative designs

In the vast world of bathroom sink manufacturing, choosing the right partner can be challenging. From our extensive research, we’ve identified the top 10 manufacturers globally, each bringing unique strengths to the table. It’s essential for B2B buyers to consider factors like years of experience, product range, and innovation when making a decision. By partnering with a trusted manufacturer, businesses can ensure they offer their customers the best in design, functionality, and durability. A worthy choice for economical benefits and quality assurance is KKR. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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