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Top 8 Best Bathtub Brands in 2023


Using the best bathtub brands for new build or remodeled apartments has a great impact on the real estate value of the building. They increase the value of a building by adding an extra spark of luxury. 

We understand that it can be a little difficult to go down a list of over 100 bathtub brands to choose (Learn: How to Choose a Bathtub for Commercial Use) from. Hence we have narrowed the search to provide you with the best bathtub brands in 2023.

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List of the Best Bathtub Brands in 2023

If you are looking to choose bathtubs (Learn: 10 Types Of Bathtubs: Choose The Best For Your Project) from the best brands in 2023? KKR has helped to narrow your search for the perfect bathtub brand with this list of the top 8 bathtub brands in 2023.


Headquarters: China

Main Market: Worldwide

Years of Experience: 23 years

Kingkonree is one of the best bathtub manufacturers. If you are planning to purchase solid surface bathtubs and other bathroom accessories in 2023, KKR will be the most reliable choice in Asia.

Kingkonree produces the best bathtub that can transform bathroom spaces and give the bathroom an inviting look. The company started manufacturing bathtubs since its establishment in 2000. 

Over 13 years of existence, we have delivered high-quality bathtubs with up to 80 styles you can choose from, using the best-grade artificial stones.

KKR logo

KKR’s list of products includes:


Headquarters: Kohler, Wisconsin, United States

Main Market: USA and worldwide

Years of Experience: Over 150 years

If you are hoping to get bathtubs from brands with a long history of existence, Kohler brand should top that list. Kohler brand was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler and Charles Silberzahn. Kohler is one of the most prominent bathtub brands in 2023. They’ve been in existence for a long time and have not declined in the quality of their bathtubs.

Over the years, Kohler has been recognized for exceptional designs of bathtubs and other smart home accessories. In fact, Kohler prides itself on giving buildings a ‘bold look’. With products from this brand, your bathroom space will speak luxury and class. 

Kohler does not only design functional bathtubs, they add artistic touch to each of their bathtubs and home accessories. 

Kohler logo

They produce different varieties of bathtubs, which include:

  • Freestanding bathtubs
  • Alcove Bathtubs
  • Drop-in Bathtubs
  • Whirlpool/Jetted Bathtubs
  • Walk-in Bathtubs


Headquarters: Chino Hills, California

Main Market: USA and worldwide

Years of Experience: Over 60 years

The name Jacuzzi rings a bell; they are among the best bathtub manufacturers. It is one of the most popular bathtub brands in the world. This brand has about 6 decades of existence and has been delivering quality bathtubs that stand out in bathrooms. Jacuzzi bathtubs are known for high craftiness, luxury, and relaxation. 

The brand has its headquarters in Chino Hills, California, but had different partners in different parts of the world to aid its product reach. Jacuzzi had positioned itself as one of the most innovative bathtub brands with its list of exceptional products.

Jacuzzi logo

Jacuzzi bathtub collections include a whirlpool tub, jetted bathtubs, freestanding soaking tubs, (Learn: 10 Best Freestanding Tubs for 2023) skirted baths, drop-in baths, and heated soaker baths.

Ove Decors

Headquarters: Laval, Quebec, Canada

Main Market: Canada and worldwide

Years of Experience: 8 years

Ove Decors is a more recent bathtub brand with only 8 years of existence. Ove decor bathtubs have a touch of modern interior design components. The brand capitalizes on soft curves and strong lines to design an inviting bathtub suitable for any bathroom design.

In its not-so-long period of existence, Ove Decor has branded itself to be synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and sophisticated designs that captivate interior designers, real estate investors, and even homeowners worldwide.

Ove decors logo

Ove Decors has its headquarters in Laval, Quebec, Canada. And has a strong reach in North America. Ove decor bathtubs can also be delivered to different continents.

American Standard

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

Main Market: USA and worldwide

Years of Experience: 148 years

American Standard is a world-renowned brand that has been in existence for over 140 years. Contrary to what you might be thinking about brands with a long history of production, American standards produce luxury modern bathtubs with crafty and innovative designs.

American standard logo

American Standard bathtubs are functional, durable and offer a timeless aesthetic and design that won’t age any time soon. Installing an American standard bathtub in your bathroom space this 2023 will give your space a transformed look.


Headquarters: India

Main Market: India and worldwide

Years of Experience: Over 60 years

Hindware is an Indian bathtub company with a long history of bathtub production. Hindware is an Indian bathtub company that has been producing quality bathtubs since the 1960s. 

Hindware logo

Their history of high-quality bathtub production has made Hindware remain a relevant bathtub manufacturing company even in 2023. Hindware bathtub products include freestanding bathtubs, Alcove bathtubs, drop-in bathtubs, and corner bathtubs.


Headquarters: Ohio, USA

Main Market: USA and worldwide

Years of Experience: 94 years

Mansfield Plumbing is an Ohio, USA-based bathtub company that has a long history of bathtub production. 

They have been in the business of producing finely designed bathtubs and plumbing accessories since 1929. Their long history of production has positioned them as one of the trusted brands among homeowners and other professionals.

They produce Alcove bathtubs, walk-in bathtubs, jetted/whirlpools, and drop-in bathtubs. All their designs are suitable for any bathroom space in 2023.


Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

Main Market: USA and worldwide

Maykke is one of the best bathroom brands in 2023. The brand has a vision to make your bath space a reflection of you. All Maykke bathtub products are finely crafted to add luxury and elegance to bathroom space. 

The headquarters of this company is in the United States but delivers to different parts of the world. Although Maykke may not have a very long history of manufacturing bathtubs, their finely crafted bathtubs have made them a popular choice among builders.

Maykke logo

Maykke bathtub products include soaking tubs, clawfoot tubs, drop-in bathtubs, and freestanding bathtubs.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Bathtub Company

Before choosing a bathtub brand in 2023, you have to be sure of the quality of their product, how fast they deliver to the part of the world where you are located, and their customer service.

Product Quality

To avoid purchasing substandard bathtubs, it is important to consider the quality of the bathtub product. 

KKR are approved bathtub company with a CE, ISO9001, and CUPC certification. Every one of our products is painstakingly supervised and tested to be of the best quality before delivering it to our customers.

Delivery to Your Location

Some brands have beautiful designs, they may not deliver to your address. This is why it is important to confirm with the brand if they deliver to your location, and how long it will take.

At KKR, we deliver to different parts of the world as fast as possible. As soon as you make an order for the product you want, we swim right into action to deliver it to you as soon as possible.

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