How to Choose a Bathtub for Commercial Use


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Bathtubs have become an essential part of any bathroom setup these days – be it commercial or residential, bathtubs and showers steal the show. The right type of bathtub can add more dimension to any space by presenting a more sophisticated image. 

Many people are confused about how to choose a bathtub when it is for commercial purposes. Ranging from different materials to shapes, bathtubs are available in a variety of models. Read on more to know about choosing the right bathtub for the perfect space.

A designer bathtub
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Considerations for How to Choose A Bathtub 

There is a wide range of styles of bathtubs, but when it comes to commercial usage, one should remember that the requirements are different in this context. So, how to pick a bathtub that’s suited to specific needs? Here are some considerations that you should make:


Ranging from freestanding bathtubs to alcove settings to walk-in ones, there are many different designs and styles. But since the commercial context comes into play, it is important to think about practical possibilities and common themes and styles. Manufacturers like KKR offer customized bathtubs to suit the needs of clients who are looking to place wholesale orders of bathtubs.


Through the years, bathtubs are also manufactured in a wide range of materials (Learn: 10 Trendy Bathtub Materials for 2023). Based on the budget and theme, one can choose the perfect material for their bathtub. Some of the common materials in which bathtubs are made are fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, ceramic, etc. One should also think about the weight of the bathtub before deciding on the material.

Ease of Installation 

When thinking of how to choose a tub for commercial purposes, it is of great importance to factor in the ease of installation of the tubs. The style and design of the bathtub majorly influence its ease of installation. The tubs should not be of too much weight. Also, these tubs should be compact so that transportation and installation are made easier. 


Size, design, and material are the major factors that determine the cost of bathtubs. When buying for commercial use, it is better to go for a standard size and material, so that the overall cost can be cut down. Standard styles will also impact the price.

Recommended Bathtub Type – Solid Surface Tub

Looking for the perfect choice of bathtub for commercial use can be a bit tough. For commercial usage, the most recommended bathtub type is the solid surface tub. Here are some advantages to choosing a solid surface (Learn: Solid Surface Shower Walls: 12 Worth-Knowing Benefits) tub.

Smooth Surface

Solid surface tubs are made of resin mixtures and are made from a single mold. This manufacturing method makes these types of bathtubs (Learn: 10 Types Of Bathtubs: Choose The Best For Your Project) smooth and polished. The finish of the tub looks as if it is made of granite or porcelain – a clean and smooth look. 

Manufacturers like KKR offer customization services, thus offering customers the option to choose the size, shape, and color of these tubs.

An oval-shaped smooth surface tub
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Good Durability

Tubs made of resin will last for a very long time if maintained properly. With proper repair, cleaning, and maintenance, solid surface tubs can be used for many years together. Materials like porcelain and acrylic face everyday wear and tear and get damaged as time goes on. But solid surface tubs are resistant to damage from everyday wear and tear.

Easy Installation

Bathtubs, in general, are tough to install because of their size and weight. Often, be it in residential spaces or commercial spaces, designers have issues fitting the bathtubs in the right places. 

But solid surface style bathtubs are different – they are easy to install because of their smooth finish. Since they have a seamless finish and apt shapes, they are easy to transport and install in any space. As the installation is easy, the time and cost involved in the installation also go down.

Easy Cleaning 

One of the main reasons why solid surface tubs are easy to clean is because they are antimicrobial – they do not support the growth of any bacteria or fungi on the surface or corners of the tub. Since the tubs have a smooth and polished finish, they don’t have any crevices or breaks where dirt or grime could collect.

The material used is also non-porous – this ensures that no moisture or contaminants are absorbed into the surface. Common household cleaners and a soft sponge are more than enough to keep these tubs clean and neat.

Easy Reparation

Not much damage happens to a solid surface bathtub. The maximum repair that can occur is the occasional scratch due to excessive wear and tear. If that’s the case, it’s really easy to get rid of it. Since the tubs are made of homogenous material, the scratches can be easily removed by gently rubbing the surface with fine-gritted sandpaper. 

Repairing these tubs is really cost-effective and easy. Due to this, the tubs last for a long time and can serve a long life.

A Trusted Solid Surface Tub Manufacturer: KKR

For commercial purposes, solid surface bathtubs prove to be a perfect choice. If you have been wondering how to pick a bathtub, a top-notch manufacturer like KKR can offer you the right solutions for your needs. KKR offers a wide range of options for all customers and specializes in bathroom solutions for a long time.

Providing Customization Options 

From the size of the tub to the color, shape, and pattern, you can customize almost everything about your order with KKR. Our expert design consultants help you with the designs and styles in case you are confused about what you want. Find the perfect bathroom fitting for your commercial spaces with KKR.

Marble texture colored bathtub
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Available at A Large Output of High-Quality Tubs 

Our experience in this field has enabled us to perfect our manufacturing processes and develop a short product development cycle. Thanks to this, we are capable of producing a high volume of top-quality bathtubs in a short period. 


If you have been confused about how to choose a bathtub, we hope this article helped you! There are a few factors that everyone should look for when choosing a tub for commercial usage. These factors include size, shape, style, cost, ease of installation, and the material of the tub among other things. 

Top-quality bathtub and solid surface product manufacturers like KKR offer a wide range of customization services for all their clients, making it easy for them to choose the right fit.

Make KKR your reliable supplier for bathroom fittings and standard bathtubs –visit our website today and get an instant quote for your customized order!

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