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Bathroom Accessories for Hotel

KKR: A Trusted Bathroom Accessories for Hotel Manufacturer

KKR, a renowned manufacturer with over 24 years of expertise in delivering premium products. Specializing in high-quality bathroom accessories, we cater to the unique demands of hotels with a diverse range of offerings. Our extensive product includes shower panels, shower trays, and shower stools, all crafted with precision and durability in mind.

Collaborating closely with top designers, we create bathroom accessories that meet the highest standards of style. Whether you require standard items or special orders, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to fulfill any requirement. Our custom bathroom accessories are meticulously designed to provide a touch of luxury and practicality.

Featured Bathroom Accessories for Hotel



  • Low Table
  • Bathtub Rack
  • Bathroom Shelf
  • Soap Dish
  • Drainers
  • Faucets

Get Your Custom Bathroom Accessories for Hotel


Our experienced design team specializes in creating innovative bathroom accessories tailored for hotels. We provide a range of elegant shower niches and stylish wall shelves that enhance the aesthetics of hotel bathrooms. Utilizing the latest materials and finishes, we ensure that every design meets and exceeds industry standards adding a touch of sophistication to every space.


At KKR, we combine skilled craftsmanship with advanced technology to offer a diverse range of bathroom accessory shapes, accommodating both complex and simple designs with exceptional results. We cater to custom pieces as well as large-scale productions, ensuring that every client's vision is realized. Each accessory is meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly into the hotel's overall design, enhancing aesthetics and functionality, and adding a touch of elegance to every bathroom space.


Our modern production facilities and experienced professionals allow us to offer various sizes to fit any hotel bathroom accessories. We meet each client's specific needs with precision and excellence, whether for expansive mirrors or compact shower stools. We ensure all size requirements are met accurately, delivering high-quality solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any hotel bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories for Hotel Options

We offer a diverse range of high-quality hotel bathroom accessories list to meet every client need. Whether you need to enhance functionality with shower trays and shower stools, or add decorative flair with stylish wall mirrors, we've got you covered. Our commitment to quality provide a variety of options to cater to every requirement.

Bathroom Accessories for Hotel: Types & Applications

Who Chooses KKR? You.

Distributors & Retailers

For distributors and retailers, KKR offers a diverse selection of bathroom accessories for hotels, ensuring both a wide product range consistent pricing to fulfill your customers’ needs. Our comprehensive after-sales services and streamlined supply chain solutions are designed to bolster your market presence.


For contractors, KKR offers tailored bathroom accessories for hotels, featuring high-quality materials to ensure your projects run smoothly. Our expert support in planning helps you meet deadlines and stay within budget, guaranteeing that your supply requirements are managed efficiently.

Architects & Designers

For architects and designers, our hotel bathroom accessories provide customized options that elevate your creative projects . With a focus on innovative craftsmanship and sustainable materials, our tables help your projects shine with both sophistication and functionality.


If you are fabricators that focused on hotel projects, you can can rely on KKR for a wide range of durable and bathroom accessories for hotel environments. We provide solutions and precise specifications to meet your needs, streamlining the manufacturing process.

Brand Owners

For brand owner, KKR enhances your product range with distinctive and customizable bathroom accessories tailored for hotels, helping your brand gain a competitive edge. We offer premium materials and an extended warranty, ensuring support for your innovative endeavors.


Homeowners can count on KKR for hotel-grade bathroom accessories that combine elegance and are easy to maintain. Our products are designed to tackle common maintenance issues, ensuring your investment stays practical and retains its timeless appeal.

How KKR Excel at Solid Surface Bathroom Accessories for Hotel

KKR’s solid surface bathroom accessories for hotels are renowned for their superior quality and exceptional durability. These make them an ideal choice for those seeking outstanding performance.

Various Styles

KKR’s hotel bathroom accessories reflect our commitment to delivering stylish and outstanding designs. With a skilled design team, we create both practical and elegant options that cater to contemporary and traditional preferences. As a top manufacturer, KKR offers complete solutions for all hotel bathroom requirements.

Colour Fastness

KKR’s bathroom accessories for hotels, including our shower trays, leverage advanced resin technology to maintain rich, lustrous colors over time. Designed to resist fading and keep a beuatiful appearance. Our accessories ensure lasting brilliance and uniformity, even with frequent use and cleaning.

Natural Gloss

Our hotel bathroom accessories are renowned for their stunning high-gloss finishes, meticulously crafted through precise sanding techniques that create smooth, reflective surfaces. This gives them an elegant look that elevates the style and sophistication of any hotel bathroom.

Smooth Surface

At KKR, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our hotel bathroom accessories, which are known for their smooth, flawless surfaces. We carefully choose and mix materials to create a strong yet silky finish that adds both elegance and durability to our products.

How KKR Solid Surface Power Up Your Business


KKR provides new clients with the flexibility to purchase any quantity of bathroom accessories for hotels without a minimum order requirement. This is particularly beneficial for commercial clients who may need 30 units per model. Our approach enables precise ordering, simplifying the process and minimizing costs.

Size Accuracy

KKR meticulous attention to detail in creating bathroom accessories for hotels is showcased by our strict size tolerance of +/-0.5mm. This precise accuracy ensures there are no gaps or inconsistencies when connecting pieces, resulting in a smooth and seamless finish for our clients.

Fast Production

KKR is known for its swift turnaround, able to complete a full 20' shipping container of bathroom accessories for hotels within just 7 days for urgent orders. This fast delivery is a major advantage for clients requiring prompt project fulfillment, ensuring hotel constructions stay on schedule and within budget.


KKR helps clients maximize resources and cut costs by providing a 3D cabinet layout for bathroom accessories for hotels. This tool optimizes space utilization and reduces freight expenses. Our emphasis on precision and cost-effectiveness highlights our dedication to delivering affordable solutions for our clients.


Why Choose KKR from Countless Bathroom Accessories for Hotel Manufacturers

Our commitment to quality, modern design, and exceptional durability makes our bathroom accessories for hotels a standout choice. KKR’s products enhance any hotel bathroom with style and reliability.

KKR is dedicated to providing top-quality bathroom accessories for hotels, showcased by our stringent 5-step quality inspection process. We use the finest materials, guarantee precise mold designs, ensure consistent product quality, minimize defects, and provide accurate measurements. Our high-quality products are carefully packed and ready for delivery.

KKR provides exceptional after-sales support, featuring an extensive 10-year warranty that far exceeds the standard 2-5 years. This generous warranty reflects our confidence in the durability and reliability of our bathroom accessories for hotels. By offering such a comprehensive guarantee, we ensure our customers feel secure and supported, allowing them to focus on their core business operations without worry about the longevity of our products.

Production Capacity

Our clients gain significant advantages from our expertise in manufacturing bathroom accessories for hotels. Thanks to our streamlined processes and high production capacity, we are able to deliver promptly and meet even the most demanding production schedules, ensuring quick and efficient fulfillment of orders.


We provide tailored bathroom accessories for hotels. By working closely with our clients, we deliver exactly what they require, from unique designs to specific sizes and shapes, giving them a competitive edge in their market. Our dedication to customization ensures each product meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.

OEM/ODM Bathroom Accessories for Hotel Manufacturer



We are a trusted partner for furniture brands and distributors, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction. As a leading producer of hotel bathroom accessories, we enhance production capacity, ensure fast delivery, precise processing, and secure packaging. We commit to meeting urgent orders within 7 days, adhering strictly to specifications to consistently meet our clients' needs.



We offer a full-service solution tailored for hotel bathroom accessory brands and distributors, starting from the initial design phase. Our experienced designers work hand-in-hand with clients to create custom accessories that cater to their unique needs. By focusing on superior quality, keen attention to detail, and punctual delivery, we position ourselves as a trusted partner for hotel bathroom accessory brands and distributors looking for a reliable and efficient business partner.

Common Questions, Quick Answers.

01 What are some of the bathroom accessories you offer for hotels?

KKR offers shower trays, shower tools, shower panels and mirror tailored to meet diverse hotel bathroom styles and functional needs​​​​.

02 Can your bathroom accessories be customized to fit our hotel's specific needs?

Yes, KKR offers customization in size, shape, color, and design to suit your hotel’s unique aesthetic and functional requirements​​​​.

03 Can you provide samples or references ?

Yes, samples can be provided for review, and references from past hotel clients are available upon request.

04 How do I handle issues or defects after installation?

Any issues should be reported immediately to our customer service team.

05 Can I order additional accessories if needed?

Yes, you can order additional accessories from Kingkonree as per your requirements. Simply contactour customer support or authorized delaers for assistance.

06 What is the process for ordering bathroom accessories for a hotel project?

The process includes consultation, quoting, sample approval, production, and delivery, ensuring all your requirements are met​​​​.

07 How do your bathroom accessories for hotel contribute to sustainable practices?

Our eco-friendly production line minimizes environmental impact, using sustainable materials and processes that meet high standards​​​​.

08 What kind of support and services do you offer after purchase?

We provide a comprehensive after-sales service including warranty, repairs, and dedicated support for any post-purchase inquiries​​​​.

09 How can I ensure that the bathroom accessories will match the design and theme of my hotel?

We offer diverse design options and samples to ensure compatibility with your hotel’s theme and design​​​​.

10 Do KKR bathroom accessories require any special maintenance or cleaning?

KKR bathroom accessories for hotel are non-porous and easy to clean with mild soap and water, requiring minimal maintenance to retain their appearance​​​​.

11 Are there any additional services provided, such as installation or technical support?

KKR provides technical support and installation guidance to facilitate a smooth setup process for your hotel​​​​.

12 Do you offer any bulk pricing or discounts for large hotel projects?

Yes, we provide competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders. Please contact our sales team for detailed information.

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