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Solid Surface Freestanding Basin

KKR: A Trusted Solid Surface Freestanding Basin Manufacturer

For over 24 years, KKR has built a solid reputation for creating top-notch bathroom fixtures, especially our solid surface freestanding basins. Crafted from high-quality materials, these basins are designed for durability and style, making them ideal for a variety of settings, from boutique hotels to large hotel chains.


KKR Freestanding Basins come in various designs, including oval, rectangular, and uniquely curved styles, to complement any décor. They are celebrated for their stain resistance and easy maintenance, making them perfect for high-traffic areas. At KKR, we emphasize efficient production and customer satisfaction, ensuring each basin reflects elegance and quality. As a leading manufacturer, KKR promises an enhanced and exceptional bathroom experience.

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At KKR, we excel in designing and manufacturing solid surface freestanding basins, always staying ahead with the latest trends to bring innovative solutions to hotel bathrooms. Our collection ranges from modern to classic designs, each crafted to offer both aesthetic charm and practical benefits for hospitality environments. These basins are known for their elegant look, combining visual appeal with functional superiority.


We offer a wide variety of designs for our solid surface freestanding basins, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Utilizing advanced technology, we create both intricate and minimalist basin shapes. Whether for individual custom requests or large-scale production, our dedication to excellence shines through in every piece. Our extensive selection assures we can accommodate various bathroom layouts and stylistic preferences.


Our cutting-edge production capabilities and our team of experts enable us to offer a versatile selection of sizes for solid surface freestanding basins. We cater to the unique demands of each hotel, supplying custom solutions that have established us as a reliable supplier. Regardless of spatial limitations or specific needs, we craft the ideal basin to complement any hotel bathroom.

Solid Surface Freestanding Basins Options

Solid Surface Freestanding Basins Options KKR delivers a range of solid surface freestanding basins to satisfy diverse client requirements. Our offerings include standalone, integrated, and corner basin models, each designed to improve both the functionality and visual appeal of hotel bathrooms. It is guaranteed that we have the perfect basin solution to match any client's preferred design.

Solid Surface Freestanding Basins: Types & Applications

Who Chooses KKR? You.

Distributors & Retailers

If you’re a distributor or retailer, KKR offers a diverse range of solid surface freestanding basins with consistent pricing to meet your clients’ needs efficiently. We also provide detailed after-sales service and effective supply chain strategies to boost your market presence.


For contractors, KKR delivers specialized options and high-quality solid surface freestanding basins that align with your project standards. Our team supports you with expert planning and execution, ensuring timely, budget-friendly completion of hotel bathroom installations.

Architects & Designers

KKR supplies architects and designers with a variety of solid surface freestanding basins that enhance your creative projects. Our use of advanced, eco-friendly materials adds both aesthetic and functional value to hotel bathrooms, distinguishing your work in the industry.


For fabricators working on hotel projects, KKR provides a broad selection of durable, visually appealing freestanding basins. Our production processes accommodate customized designs and precise specifications, ensuring seamless fabrication and top-quality results.

Brand Owners

As a brand owners, KKR enhances the guest experience with luxurious and customizable solid surface freestanding basins that set your property apart in the competitive hospitality sector. We support your commitment to excellence and comfort with superior materials and comprehensive warranties.


For homeowners, KKR provides hotel-grade solid surface freestanding basins that combine sophistication with durability and easy maintenance. Our basins address common upkeep concerns, ensuring your investment remains both elegant and practical.

How KKR Excel at Solid Surface Freestanding Basin

KKR offers a range of solid surface freestanding basins that display top-notch craftsmanship and innovative design, perfect for those who want both functionality and aesthetic excellence.

Various Styles

Our hotel solid surface freestanding basins blend effortlessly with any interior design. The collection includes everything from contemporary to traditional styles, providing luxurious and visually appealing options. Our skilled designers cater to various hotel aesthetics and guest preferences.

Colour Fastness

Using advanced resin technology, KKR assures that our solid surface freestanding basins maintain their vibrant and lustrous finish over time. These basins resist fading and keep their flawless appearance, offering consistent brilliance and durability with regular use and maintenance.

Natural Gloss

KKR’s solid surface freestanding basins feature a high gloss finish that enhances the luxury of any bathroom. Achieved through detailed polishing, this finish creates a sense of splendor and spaciousness within the room, contributing to an overall stunning bathroom experience from a leading manufacturer.

Smooth Surface

KKR’s solid surface freestanding basins are known for their flawless, smooth surfaces, created through precise manufacturing techniques. The surface’s smoothness makes sure of an elegant appearance, easy cleaning, and exceptional comfort. The refined surface enhances the bathing experience for every guest.

How KKR Solid Surface Power Up Your Business


KKR offers a flexible purchasing model for solid surface freestanding basins with no minimum order quantity for new clients. This is advantageous for those buying 30 units or more. Our tiered pricing system make hotels upgrade their freestanding basins while optimizing savings.

Size Accuracy

Each KKR solid surface freestanding basin is meticulously crafted, maintaining size tolerances within +/-0.5mm. This precision assures a perfect fit in designated spaces, providing a refined finish to hotel bathrooms and enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal.

Fast Production

KKR's efficient production process enables the rapid fulfillment of orders, allowing a full 20' container of solid surface freestanding basins to be dispatched in just 7 days. This capability assures adherence to strict project timelines, helping construction stay within budget.


KKR leverages optimized packaging methods for solid surface kitchen countertops to boost shipping efficiency and lower transportation expenses. By incorporating 3D diagrams, our strategic packaging delivers a safe, cost-effective service, maintaining the integrity of our products with customer satisfaction.


Why Choose KKR from Countless Solid Surface Freestanding Basin Manufacturers

Our dedication to quality, pioneering design, and outstanding durability positions our solid surface freestanding basins as superior choices for any bathroom setting.

KKR assures unmatched quality in solid surface freestanding basins with a rigorous 5-step inspection process. Each basin is meticulously checked from material selection to consistent mold crafting. This careful process guarantees all products meet exact specifications and arrive in excellent condition, ready for installation in any hotel environment.

KKR enhances customer trust with a 10-year warranty on solid surface freestanding basins, far exceeding the industry standard of 2-5 years. This commitment to long-term product performance and reliability underscores our dedication to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, offering hotel owners added security and confidence.

Production Capacity

With state-of-the-art facilities and an extensive selection of molds, KKR sets industry standards in production capacity. We can swiftly manufacture large quantities of solid surface freestanding basins, meeting tight deadlines and varied demands while maintaining quality and design integrity, ensuring timely project completion and client satisfaction.


KKR offers a wide range of customization options for solid surface freestanding basins to meet specific client needs. From precise dimensions and unique designs to a selection of refined materials, our solutions cater to unique branding and aesthetic preferences, enhancing the overall guest experience and satisfaction.

OEM/ODM Solid Surface Freestanding Basin Manufacturer



As a reliable partner for hotel chains and developers, KKR prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction in producing solid surface freestanding basins. We employ advanced production techniques, precise processing, and secure packaging to meet the hospitality industry's high standards. Our ability to fulfill urgent orders within a week while accommodating specific demands demonstrates our commitment to client needs.



KKR offers a complete ODM service for solid surface freestanding basins, encompassing everything from initial design to final production. Our skilled designers work closely with clients to develop basins that precisely align with their specifications and aesthetic preferences. By focusing on quality, and timely delivery, KKR serves as a dependable partner which aims to enhance their guest experiences with uniquely crafted and highly functional basins.

Common Questions, Quick Answers.

01 What materials are used in KKR solid surface freestanding basins?

KKR solid surface freestanding basins are made from high-quality solid surface materials, renowned for their durability, easy maintenance, and luxurious finish. These materials are designed to endure heavy use in commercial settings.

02 What warranty do you offer on solid surface freestanding basins?

We provide a comprehensive 10-year warranty on all our solid surface freestanding basins, ensuring they are free from manufacturing defects and meet the high standards of durability and satisfaction expected by hotel operators.

03 How do KKR solid surface freestanding basins resist staining?

Our solid surface freestanding basins are non-porous and use advanced resin technology, making them highly resistant to stains. This assures they maintain a pristine appearance even with frequent use in busy hotel environments.

04 What customization options are available for KKR solid surface freestanding basins?

We offer extensive customization options, including various dimensions, unique shapes, a wide range of colors, and additional features like built-in storage or ergonomic designs.

05 Do KKR solid surface freestanding basins comply with international safety standards?

Yes, all our solid surface freestanding basins adhere to international safety and quality standards such as CE, SGS, CUPC, CSA, and PROP65, ensuring their reliability and safety for global hotel use.

06 Do KKR solid surface freestanding basins come with a slip-resistant surface?

Yes, we can customize our solid surface freestanding basins with slip-resistant surfaces to enhance safety, providing hotel operators peace of mind regarding guest safety in wet areas.

07 Are KKR solid surface freestanding basins suitable for both new constructions and renovations?

Yes, KKR solid surface freestanding basins are versatile which are suitable for both new builds and renovations, thanks to their adaptable design and easy installation.

08 What is the typical lead time for KKR solid surface freestanding basins?

The typical lead time is about 7 days for a full 20′ container, supported by our efficient production processes, which help meet urgent project deadlines.

09 Can KKR solid surface freestanding basins be installed with existing plumbing?

Yes, our solid surface freestanding basins are designed to integrate, which makes them easy to install in existing bathroom layouts. Installation is straightforward, ensuring a smooth upgrade process.

10 How durable are KKR solid surface freestanding basins under heavy use?

Our solid surface basins are built to withstand heavy use in high-traffic hotel environments. They are consistently solid, non-porous, and scratch-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability.

11 Do you provide necessary accessories for installation?

Yes, we provide all necessary installation accessories, including brackets, screws, drains, and faucets, to ensure an efficient setup for our basins.

12 How are KKR solid surface freestanding basins packaged for shipping?

We use optimized packaging techniques to protect the basins during transit, efficiently utilizing space and reducing freight costs while preventing damage.

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