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Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub

KKR: A Trusted Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub Manufacturer

KKR, renowned for its superior solid surface freestanding bathtubs. With over 24 years of manufacturing excellence, we combines advanced technology and premium materials to create durable and aesthetically pleasing bathtubs. Our products are eco-friendly, certified for quality and safety. Catering to a global market, we guarantees each bathtub meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and design.


Our commitment to innovation sets us apart in the industry. We offer design options and custom solutions, ensuring that client’s vision is realized. Our state-of-the-art production facility and experienced team allow us to enhance any bathroom space. With a focus on sustainability, we stands as a reliable and trusted partner for all your bathtub needs.

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Get Your Custom Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub


At KKR, we offer a wide array of design options for our solid surface freestanding bathtubs. Our designs include contemporary styles, classic and elegant. Each design enhancing both functionality and visual appeal. Our customization services allow clients to specify unique features and finishes, ensuring every bathtub aligns perfectly with client’s design and vision.


KKR provides a diverse array of shape solutions tailored to meet every client’s unique needs. Our advanced technology and skilled professionals ensure each shape is crafted with precision and excellence. Whether it’s complex designs or simple elegance, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. Each shape is designed to maximize both functionality and visual appeal, enhancing the overall bathroom experience. Our commitment to quality ensures that every bathtub meets the highest standards.


Our solid surface freestanding bathtubs are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate various bathroom dimensions and client preferences. We offer standard sizes and custom sizing options to ensure a perfect fit. Each bathtub is produced with precise measurements, ensuring consistency and quality in every piece. This allows for seamless installation and integration into any bathroom design.

Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub Options

KKR offers numerous customization options for our solid surface freestanding bathtub to meet specific client needs. These options include a variety of colors, finishes, and additional features like integrated seating and storage. Our goal is to provide high-quality, tailored solutions that enhance the functionality and beauty of any bathroom.

Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub : Types & Applications

Who Chooses KKR? You.

Distributors & Retailers

Distributors and retailers choose KKR for our high-quality solid surface freestanding bathtubs. Our extensive product range and custom design options ensure they can meet diverse customer needs. Our commitment to comprehensive after-sales support, and an efficient supply chain supports their business growth and reputation.


Contractors prefer KKR for our precision-crafted solid surface freestanding bathtubs that meet project specifications. We are able to provide custom solutions with professional planning and execution support, ensuring integration into various construction projects. Our products enhance the value of every project.

Architects & Designers

Architects and designers select KKR for the creative freedom. Our extensive custom design allows them to bring their unique visions to life. Our innovative options and sustainable materials, along with our range of finishes, ensure both aesthetic appeal and durability.


Fabricators rely on KKR for our consistent quality and easy-to-work-with solid surface materials. Our precise manufacturing standards and wide range of customizable options streamline their fabrication process. KKR’s comprehensive support and reliable supply chain help them deliver exceptional end products.

Brand Owners

Brand owners trust KKR because our product lines feature innovation with high-quality materials. Our ability to produce custom designs and maintain strict quality control ensures that our practices align with brand values and market demands.


Homeowners choose KKR for the luxurious and customizable bathing experience with our solid surface freestanding bathtubs. It’s non-porous surfaces make them easy to clean and maintain, providing a hassle-free experience.

How KKR Excel at Solid Surface

KKR solid surface freestanding bathtubs offers exceptional quality, cutting-edge design, and unmatched durability, making them the ideal choice for those seeking both high performance and visual appeal.

Various Styles

KKR offers a diverse range of solid surface freestanding bathtub styles, catering to both contemporary and traditional. Our talented design team creates innovative and functional designs that suit every consumer’s preference. From sleek modern lines to classic elegance, KKR has the perfect bathtub style for any bathroom.

Colour Fastness

KKR uses the finest resins in our premium solid surface freestanding bathtubs, ensuring exceptional durability and long-lasting beauty. Our bathtubs are highly resistant to fading and discoloration. This commitment to quality ensures that your bathtub retains its aesthetic appeal over time.

Natural Gloss

KKR’s solid surface freestanding bathtubs are renowned for their stunning natural gloss finishes. Achieved through a meticulous sanding process that provides, modern look and elegant. The reflective finish enhances the bathtub’s beauty, adding a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Smooth Surface

One of KKR’s key strengths is the flawless, smooth surface of our solid surface freestanding bathtubs. This is achieved through precise material formulations and advanced manufacturing techniques. Making it comfortable to the touch and easy to maintain.

How KKR Solid Surface Power Up Your Business


KKR offers no minimum order quantity (MOQ) for solid surface freestanding bathtubs. This MOQ is designed to accommodate both small and large businesses, providing flexibility and support for various market demands. KKR ensures that even smaller distributors and retailers can benefit from our high-quality products.

Size Accuracy

KKR prides itself on the precise size accuracy of our solid surface freestanding bathtubs. We cater to size tolerances within ±5mm, ensuring each bathtub fits perfectly into the designated space. This precision guarantees a flawless finish in every project.

Fast Production

KKR excels in fast production, offering up to 20 shipments within just 7 days. Our efficient manufacturing process and logistics network enable us to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality. This rapid turnaround time helps our clients keep their projects on schedule and maintain customer satisfaction.


KKR utilizes advanced 3D cabinet diagram packaging to ensure the safe transport of our solid surface freestanding bathtubs. This method provides maximum protection against damage during transit, maintaining the integrity of each product. Our meticulous packaging process reflects our commitment to delivering top-quality bathtubs in perfect condition.


Why Choose KKR from Countless Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub Manufacturers

Our solid surface freestanding bathtubs are distinguished by their exceptional quality, innovative designs, and unmatched durability, making them an ideal choice for enhancing any bathroom space.

KKR ensures exceptional quality through a rigorous 5-step inspection process. Each solid surface freestanding bathtub undergoes thorough checks for raw material selection, in-process inspection, finished product evaluation, durability testing, and final quality assurance. This meticulous process guarantees that every bathtub meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and performance. Trust KKR bathtubs for their reliability and long-lasting beauty.

KKR offers an industry-leading 10-year warranty on all solid surface freestanding bathtubs, surpassing the standard 2-5 year warranties offered by most manufacturer. This extensive warranty reflects our commitment to product longevity and customer satisfaction. We provides prompt and professional support to address any issues. This warranty covers a wide range of potential issues, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. It also, underscores our confidence in the durability and quality of our products.

Production Capacity

Our clients benefit from our exceptional production capacity, enabled by our advanced manufacturing facility and extensive range of molds. Our streamlined processes and high efficiency allow us to achieve rapid turnaround times. This capability ensures we can meet even the most demanding production requirements for solid surface freestanding bathtubs.


We offer customized options for solid surface freestanding bathtubs tailored to each client’s needs. Our collaboration with clients ensures precise delivery of customized designs, sizes, and features, providing a competitive edge in their market. By offering bespoke solutions, we help our clients stand out with unique and functional bathtub designs.

OEM/ODM Solid Surface Freestanding Bathtub Manufacturer



As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), KKR specializes in producing solid surface freestanding bathtubs that adhere to our clients' specific designs and brand requirements. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities allow us to create high-quality bathtubs that meet exacting standards and specifications. By delivering urgent orders within 7 days, we ensure that businesses can leverage our expertise and production capacity to deliver superior products under their own brand names.



KKR also excels in (ODM), providing comprehensive design and manufacturing solutions for solid surface freestanding bathtubs. Our experienced design team collaborates closely with clients to develop innovative and unique designs. Businesses can benefit from KKR's production expertise, bringing new and customized products to market. We ensure we meet specific client needs while maintaining the highest standards of quality, meticulous attention to detail, and prompt delivery. By leveraging our capabilities, clients can stay ahead of market trends.

Common Questions, Quick Answers.

01 Can KKR solid surface freestanding bathtubs be installed both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, our bathtubs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

02 Are KKR solid surface freestanding bathtubs eco-friendly?

Yes, our solid surface material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

03 How long is the warranty on KKR solid surface freestanding bathtubs?

Our solid surface bathtubs come with a 10-year quality warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. We provide detailed warranty documents for customers’ reference, ensuring the finest protection and peace of mind.

04 What materials are used in the manufacturing of KKR solid surface freestanding bathtubs?

Our solid surface bathtubs are made from a high-quality blend of acrylic resins and natural minerals, ensuring long-lasting durability and a luxurious finish.

05 Are KKR solid surface freestanding bathtubs customizable?

Yes, we offer customization options to meet your specific design requirements and dimensions. We have a dedicated mold production workshop and skilled professionals to realize your bespoke design demands.

06 Can KKR manufacture a custom solid surface freestanding bathtub mold based on a designer's specifications?

Absolutely! Our in-house mold team can create a unique bathtub mold according to the designer’s requirements, ensuring the exclusivity of your design.

07 How are KKR solid surface freestanding bathtubs packaged for shipping?

Our bathtubs are securely packed in fumigation-free wooden crates, ensuring safe transport and delivery while giving our customers peace of mind.

08 How do I get a price for a KKR solid surface freestanding bathtub?

Please contact us through our website or email with your specific requirements or let us know your preferred model from our catalog. We will provide you with a detailed price based on your selections.

09 How many different types of solid surface freestanding bathtubs does KKR offer?

We currently offer over 130 bathtub models to cater to a wide range of preferences and design tastes.

10 How does KKR protect the confidentiality of custom solid surface freestanding bathtub designs?

We take confidentiality seriously and ensure that your exclusive designs are kept safe and private within our mold team and not shared with any third parties.

11 Can KKR laser engrave custom logos on solid surface freestanding bathtubs?

Upon request, we can laser engrave your customized logo on our solid surface free standing bathtubs.

12 How do I clean and maintain a KKR solid surface freestanding bathtub?

All you need for everyday cleaning is a gentle cloth and some mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents. Additionally, KKR provides a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance guide, which can be shared with customers and also included in the packaging for easy reference.

Boost Your Business With KKR Solid Surface!

Boost Your Business With KKR Solid Surface!

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