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Particle-Rich Bathware

KKR: A Trusted Particle-Rich Bathware Manufacturer

KKR is a leading manufacturer specializing in particle-rich bathware with over 24 years of experience. Our extensive product range includes high-quality particle-rich bathtubs and washbasins, all designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. Utilizing advanced materials, we ensure that every piece is not only durable and aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.


Our extensive experience in working with designers allows us to create unique particle-rich bathware solutions perfectly. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our advanced production capabilities and accurate quality control. Choose KKR for reliable, stylish, and durable particle-rich bathware that enhances any bathroom environment.

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At KKR, our experienced design team excels in crafting innovative particle-rich bathware solutions that meet the evolving demands of our clients. We stay updated with the latest design trends to ensure your bathwares stand out in the market. Whether it's creating sleek, integrated designs or custom-tailored pieces, we equip our clients with top-tier tools to succeed.


Our skilled professionals and state-of-the-art technology enable us to offer a diverse array of shapes for your particle-rich bathware. From detailed, complex shapes to simple, elegant forms, KKR has the expertise to deliver exceptional results. Whether you're seeking custom-designed f or mass-produced shapes, our commitment is to help every client achieve their desired aesthetic and functional needs for their bathwares.


With advanced production facilities and a team of experts, KKR provides a wide range of sizes for particle-rich bathware. Our dedication to precision and excellence ensures that each client's unique requirements are met. From a compact to large size bathwares, our tailored solutions and exceptional detailed in creating your requirements have established us as a trusted partner in the bathware industry.

Particle-Rich Bathware Options

KKR offers an extensive selection of particle-rich bathware options to suit diverse client needs. Our product lineup includes particle-rich bathtubs, shower trays, and washbasins, each crafted with superior quality and attention to detail. Whether you require standard models or custom creations, KKR's focus on high quality manufacturing process to guarantee you receive the best particle-rich bathware solutions available.

Particle-Rich Bathware: Types & Applications

Who Chooses KKR? You.

Distributors & Retailers

Distributors and retailers choose KKR for our wide range of particle-rich bathware and consistent pricing. We provide efficient supply chain management and comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring you can meet customer demands effortlessly. Our extensive product variety helps you cater to diverse customer preferences, enhancing your market presence.


Contractors rely on KKR for our high-quality particle-rich bathware and tailored solutions. We support your projects with professional planning and execution, helping you maintain project integrity and deliver on time and within budget.

Architects & Designers

Architects and designers prefer KKR for our customizable particle-rich bathware that complements any design vision. Our innovative options and sustainable materials ensure your projects are beautiful and functional which can bring your creative concepts to life.


Fabricators choose KKR for our precise particle-rich bathware that meets quality standards. We offer high-quality materials, enabling fabricators to create durable and aesthetically pleasing bathware products efficiently. Our advanced technology ensure that every piece is crafted to perfection, making your fabrication process smoother and more effective.

Brand Owners

Brand owners partner with KKR to enhance their product offerings with unique particle-rich bathware designs. We provide innovative, high-quality materials and long-term warranties, helping your brand stand out in competitive markets.


Homeowners trust KKR for stylish and durable particle-rich bathware. Our products are easy to maintain and designed to address common home maintenance issues, ensuring your investment remains both timeless and functional.

How KKR Excel at Solid Surface

KKR excels at solid surface by delivering top-tier particle-rich bathware that combines superior quality, innovative design, and exceptional durability.

Various Styles

KKR offers an extensive range of particle-rich bathware styles, including sleek, elegant, and practical bathwares. Each style is designed to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences, from modern minimalism to timeless classics, ensuring a perfect fit for any bathroom decor. As a leading producer of bathware, we offer the ideal styles for each requirement.

Colour Fastness

KKR uses premium resins in every particle-rich bathware, ensuring exceptional color fastness. Our products resist fading and discoloration, maintaining their vibrant hues and pristine appearance even with prolonged use, ensuring long-lasting beauty in any setting and under various conditions.

Natural Gloss

KKR’s particle-rich bathware is renowned for its stunning natural gloss, achieved through a careful sanding process. This high-gloss finish enhances the aesthetic appeal, providing a sleek, modern look that is both elegant and durable, perfect for any sophisticated bathroom design.

Smooth Surface

KKR’s particle-rich bathware is crafted to deliver impeccably smooth surfaces. This is achieved through precise material formulations and advanced manufacturing processes, resulting in bathware that is not only durable but also has a luxurious, velvety feel that enhances user comfort.

How KKR Solid Surface Power Up Your Business


KKR's particle-rich bathware offers flexible minimum order quantities, making it easier for new clients to start ordering. This flexibility allows non-household businesses to order 30 pieces or below, minimizing waste and optimizing costs, ensuring a more efficient and budget-friendly procurement process.

Size Accuracy

KKR ensures exceptional size accuracy in our particle-rich bathware, adhering to a strict tolerance within +/-0.5mm. This precision guarantees seamless joins and uniformity, enhancing the aesthetic and functional quality of our products, which is crucial for both residential and commercial applications.

Fast Production

KKR is renowned for its rapid production capabilities, completing urgent orders, such as a full 20' shipping container, within just 7 days. This swift production process enables clients to meet tight deadlines and quickly respond to market demands, giving them a competitive edge.


KKR provides innovative packaging solutions for particle-rich bathware, including 3D cabinet diagrams to optimize space and reduce freight costs. This accurate approach not only protects the products during transit but also helps clients save on shipping expenses, demonstrating our commitment to cost-effective and comprehensive service.


Why Choose KKR from Countless Particle-Rich Bathware Manufacturers

KKR sets apart among countless particle-rich bathware manufacturer with their dedication to continuous improvement by crafting products with innovative designs.

KKR employs a meticulous 5-step quality inspection process for all particle-rich bathware. This comprehensive approach includes material selection, production monitoring, surface finishing, final inspection, and packaging. By adhering to these demanding steps, we ensure that every product meets the highest standards of excellence and reliability.

KKR offers a robust 10-year warranty on all particle-rich bathware, far surpassing the industry’s standard 2 to 5 years. This extensive warranty reflects our confidence in the durability and performance of our products. It provides our clients with peace of mind, knowing they have long-term support and assurance, which enhances the overall customer experience and trust in our brand.

Production Capacity

KKR’s production capacity is designed to meet large-scale demands efficiently. We are equipped to handle orders without compromising on delivery times. Our high-tech facilities and skilled team enable us to maintain consistent output, ensuring timely supply to our global clientele. This capability allows us to support large projects and market demands.


At KKR, we specialize in customizing particle-rich bathware to meet specific client needs. Our customization options include varied shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes to align with unique design requirements. This ability to provide unique solutions helps our clients achieve distinctive and personalized bathroom spaces, setting their projects apart.

OEM/ODM Particle-Rich Bathware Manufacturer



KKR is a trusted OEM partner for bathware brands and distributors, focusing on particle-rich bathware. We emphasize quality and client satisfaction, offering expanded production capacity, rapid delivery, precise product processing, and secure packaging. Our ability to meet urgent orders within 7 days and adhering strictly to specifications, ensures our clients receive reliable and efficient service, enhancing their market competitiveness.



KKR provides a comprehensive ODM solution for bathware brands and distributors, specializing in particle-rich bathware. Our professional design team collaborates closely with clients to bring their visions to life, creating tailored particle-rich bathware products that meet specific requirements and aesthetic preferences. By prioritizing quality, attention to detail, and timely delivery, KKR stands out as a reliable partner for brands seeking innovative, efficient, and high-quality bathware solutions.

Common Questions, Quick Answers.

01 What color options are available for KKR particle-rich bathware?

KKR provides a wide range of color options, allowing for various design possibilities with particle-rich bathware.

02 Are KKR particle-rich bathware products durable?

Yes, KKR particle-rich bathware is highly durable, resistant to scratches, stains, and impacts.

03 Are KKR particle-rich bathware products easy to clean?

Yes, despite the textured appearance, KKR particle-rich bathware remains easy to clean and maintain due to its non-porous surface.

04 Do KKR particle-rich bathware products come with a warranty?

Yes, KKR offers a 10-year warranty on their particle-rich bathware against defects in materials and workmanship.

05 Can KKR particle-rich bathware be repaired if damaged?

Yes, minor damages can be easily repaired on-site, and KKR provides support for major repairs.

06 How do you ensure the consistency of your particle rich bathware quality and supply?

We maintain high-quality standards with rigorous quality control processes throughout production, and we have robust supply chain management to ensure consistent supply.

07 What types of bathware products are available in the particle-rich range?

KKR offers a variety of particle-rich bathware products including bathtubs, wash basins, and shower trays.

08 Can I get KKR particle-rich bathware in custom shapes and sizes?

Yes, KKR offers customization for shapes and sizes to fit specific design requirements.

09 Are KKR particle-rich bathware products environmentally friendly?

Yes, KKR uses eco-friendly materials and production processes for their particle-rich bathware.

10 Can KKR particle-rich bathware be used in both residential and commercial settings?

Yes, KKR particle-rich bathware is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

11 What certifications do KKR particle-rich bathware products meet?

KKR particle-rich bathware products meet international quality standards and have certifications including CE and SGS.

12 What color options are available for KKR particle-rich bathware?

KKR provides a wide range of color options, allowing for various design possibilities with particle-rich bathware.

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