Picture of Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Hi, I'm Allen Kyi. Excited to explore solid surface products knowldge with you.

Customer Case 01 | Custom Reception Table


01 Business Type

If you are in one of these business types, this case is for you:

  • Real estate marketing centers
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Concert halls
  • Airports
  • High-end beauty centers
  • Private medical facilities
  • Government VIP reception rooms

02 Project Overview

Client Country: Brazil
Date: September 20, 2023
Products: Custom Reception Table
The Brazilian client requested a custom reception table with specific requirements for size and design, leading to a unique and challenging project. The table needed to be exceptionally long and wide, measuring 9.13 meters in length and 1.68 meters in width, with a distinctive pattern and unsupported sections.

03 Challenges

1. Design Complexity:

  • The reception table had an unconventional design with no support around the edges, making the construction difficult due to the need to prevent deformation over time.
  • The table was to be constructed from patterned boards, requiring precise joining without visible seams.

2. Client’s Initial Concept:

  • The client provided only a conceptual design and was unfamiliar with the material properties and construction techniques required.
  • One end of the table was designed to be cantilevered, resulting in uneven weight distribution and requiring careful consideration of structural integrity.

3. Production and Assembly:

  • The original concept of a single-piece table was impractical due to issues with packaging, transportation, and handling.
  • The table had to be segmented into two parts, with seamless integration during assembly on-site.
  • The internal structure included a steel frame to ensure stability and balance, with a complex diamond-shaped surface design adding to the difficulty.

04 Solutions

1. Collaborative Design Development:

  • Initially, the project was declined due to its complexity, but through continuous discussions, both the client and our team adjusted the design to meet practical manufacturing capabilities.
  • Detailed technical drawings were created, incorporating both the client’s vision and our production expertise.

2. Structural Innovations:

  • A steel framework was integrated into the table to support the weight and ensure durability, particularly for the cantilevered section.
  • The table was designed to be assembled in segments, with precise alignment and hidden screws for easy assembly and maintenance.

3. Advanced Fabrication Techniques:

  • High-level color matching technology was employed to replicate the client’s desired pattern from provided images.
  • Advanced joining techniques were used to ensure seamless connections between patterned boards.

05 Showcased Capabilities

  • Custom Fabrication: Ability to produce oversized custom reception tables with precise dimensions and seamless joints.
  • Color Matching: Expertise in replicating colors and patterns from minimal references.
  • One-Stop Procurement: Coordination with external factories for additional components, ensuring feasibility and implementation.
  • Team Collaboration: Efficient teamwork involving initial feasibility assessments, detailed CAD drawings, production problem-solving, and proactive customer communication.
  • High-End Stone Processing: Demonstrated capability in handling complex and large-scale artificial stone projects, pushing the boundaries of our technical expertise.

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