Picture of Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Hi, I'm Allen Kyi. Excited to explore solid surface products knowldge with you.

Customer Case 02 | Custom Bar Counter


01 Business Type

If you are in one of these business types, this case is for you:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Bars

02 Project Overview

Products: Custom Bar Counter
We received a sketch and design concept from our client and created an integrated 3D model to develop the finished bar counter. The custom bar counter was designed to be exceptionally long, measuring 3600x900x750mm, and required careful consideration of load-bearing capacity, support, and stability.

03 Challenges

1. Design Complexity:

  • Challenge: The long design required the bar counter to have high stability and support to prevent deformation over time. The legs needed to be encased in artificial stone shells, demanding high precision and minimal margin of error.
  • Solution: Integrated steel channels were added to the internal structure to enhance stability and load-bearing capacity without significantly increasing weight.

2. Durability Requirements:

  • Challenge: The bar counter was to be used in a high-traffic restaurant environment, making it susceptible to scratches, heat, stains, and wear.
  • Solution: Used high-grade materials with excellent resistance to heat, stains, and wear. Advanced water and stain-resistant coatings were applied to ensure the bar counter’s durability in a moist and oily environment.

3. Graphic and Color Resilience:

  • Challenge: The bar counter featured colored graphics that needed to withstand frequent use without fading or peeling.
  • Solution: Employed engraving and color-filling techniques instead of traditional decals. The graphics were engraved into the surface and then filled with color, ensuring long-lasting and vibrant designs.

04 Solutions

1. Collaborative Design Development:

  • Initially, the project was declined due to its complexity, but through continuous discussions, both the client and our team adjusted the design to meet practical manufacturing capabilities.
  • Detailed technical drawings were created, incorporating both the client’s vision and our production expertise.

2. Structural Innovations:

  • A steel framework was integrated into the table to support the weight and ensure durability, particularly for the cantilevered section.
  • The table was designed to be assembled in segments, with precise alignment and hidden screws for easy assembly and maintenance.

3. Advanced Fabrication Techniques:

  • High-level color matching technology was employed to replicate the client’s desired pattern from provided images.
  • Advanced joining techniques were used to ensure seamless connections between patterned boards.

05 Showcased Capabilities

  • Custom Fabrication: Demonstrated ability to produce large, custom-designed bar counters with precise dimensions and high durability.
  • Advanced Engraving and Color-Filling: Utilized advanced techniques to create long-lasting and vibrant graphics, ensuring the bar counter remains visually appealing despite frequent use.
  • Material Expertise: Applied knowledge of various materials to ensure the bar counter meets the required standards for stability, support, and durability.
  • Team Collaboration: Efficiently worked with the client to refine the design, create detailed technical drawings, and execute the manufacturing process with precision.

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