Picture of Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Hi, I'm Allen Kyi. Excited to explore solid surface products knowldge with you.

Customer Case 03 | Custom Reception Desk


01 Business Type

If you are in one of these business types, this case is for you:

  • Real estate marketing centers
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Concert halls
  • Airports
  • High-end beauty centers
  • Private medical facilities
  • Government VIP reception rooms

02 Project Overview

Products: Custom Reception Desk
This project involved creating a custom reception desk with unique design requirements. The desk needed to have a seamless appearance, a modern minimalist design, custom shapes, and integrated design elements including a company logo.

03 Challenges

1. Seamless Appearance:

  • Challenge: Creating a smooth and continuous surface for the entire reception desk.
  • Solution: Utilized advanced techniques to ensure the desk had no visible seams, resulting in a sleek and cohesive look.

2. Modern Design:

  •  Challenge: Achieving a minimalist design that is both elegant and functional.
  • Solution: Designed the desk with a classic white color, embodying simplicity and cleanliness, perfect for contemporary business and office environments.

3. Custom Shapes:

  •  Challenge: Integrating a front semicircular arc with an internal circular arc, along with a trapezoidal inset design, to create a layered and orderly appearance.
  • Solution: Employed precise cutting and shaping techniques to achieve the desired complex shapes and transitions.

4. Structural Stability:

  • Challenge: Ensuring the stability of the desk, especially given the absence of a base cabinet and the need to transition smoothly from curved to flat surfaces.
  • Solution: Incorporated internal steel reinforcements and used pure acrylic curved surfaces to maintain structural integrity and durability.

04 Solutions

1. Collaborative Design Development:

  •  Worked closely with the client to understand their brand image and design preferences.
  • Created a unique and modern reception desk design that aligns with the client’s requirements and provided professional advice throughout the process.

2. Technical Expertise:

  •  Utilized advanced cutting, shaping, and joining techniques to achieve the seamless and complex shapes required for the desk.
  • Ensured high precision in manufacturing to meet the design specifications.

3. Engineering Capabilities:

  •  Applied extensive engineering experience to ensure the desk’s structural stability and durability.
  • Used internal steel reinforcements to support the desk and maintain its shape and strength over time.

05 Showcased Capabilities

  • Design Expertise: Ability to create unique, modern reception desk designs that reflect the client’s brand image and meet their specific requirements.
  • Technical Proficiency: Advanced technical knowledge and craftsmanship in cutting, shaping, and joining materials.
  • Engineering Skills: Rich engineering experience to ensure the structural stability, durability, and safety of custom reception desks.

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