Picture of Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Author: Allen Kyi | Founder & Production Director at KKR

Hi, I'm Allen Kyi. Excited to explore solid surface products knowldge with you.

Customer Case 06 | Custom Countertop and Cabinet


01 Business Type

If you are in one of these business types, this case is for you:

  • Large kitchen projects
  • Contractors
  • Builders
  • Designers
  • High-end residential kitchens

02 Project Overview

Products: Custom Countertop and Cabinet
We received a sketch and design concept from our client and created an integrated 3D model and engineering solution to develop the finished product. The project involved designing and manufacturing a custom L-shaped countertop placed on a row of cabinets, featuring rounded corners for safety, and carved drainage grooves near the sink to prevent water accumulation.

03 Challenges

1. Complex Custom Design:

  • Challenge: The client provided only a sketch with no detailed information on materials, dimensions, colors, or specific design features.
  • Solution: Worked patiently with the client to gather detailed information and provide step-by-step guidance, ensuring all design elements were clearly defined and agreed upon, including materials, dimensions, and installation details.

2. Seamless Integration and Aesthetics:

  • Challenge: Ensuring the countertop had a seamless appearance with a drop-down edge on one side for aesthetics, and precise carving of drainage grooves near the sink.
  • Solution: Utilized CNC machining to carve the grooves with varying depths and widths for effective drainage. Ensured all edges were smoothly finished for safety and visual appeal.

3. Packaging and Transportation:

  • Challenge: The long and thin countertop needed to be packaged and transported in segments to prevent damage and facilitate easy assembly and maintenance on-site.
  • Solution: Designed a segmented packaging approach, clearly labeling each part for easy identification during installation. Provided installation videos and manuals for client reference.

04 Solutions

1. Collaborative Design Development:

  • Created detailed drawings and specifications based on the client’s sketch, ensuring all design aspects were thoroughly defined and approved.

2. Advanced Fabrication Techniques:

  • Used high-precision CNC machining to create the custom drainage grooves and smooth, rounded edges.
  • Ensured the artificial stone legs and other components were precisely fabricated and labeled for easy installation.

3. Comprehensive Client Support:

  • Provided extensive support and communication throughout the design and production process, including detailed documentation and installation guides.

05 Showcased Capabilities

  • Custom Fabrication: Demonstrated ability to create complex, custom-designed countertops with high precision and attention to detail.
  • One-Stop Procurement: Coordinated with external factories for the cabinet components, ensuring all elements were manufactured to high standards and integrated seamlessly.
  • Team Collaboration: Efficiently worked with the client, design department, CAD team, and production team to ensure a smooth workflow and high-quality end product.

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